Nail Art for Girls:

Nail art always lead towards the beatification of your nails & hands. It looks stunning if done flawlessly & artistically. Nail art means to create different patterns of designs on nail by using different nail color. You can create flowers, stars, lines & much more on your nails. You can take designing inspiration from the things that exist around you.

Now days different designs of nail stickers are also easily available into the market for making different designs on the nails. You can buy different types of nail brushes these brushes help you into the creation of different design. Let’s have a look at some DIY nail art. These all are very easy & can be created without the help of other person. So, you must try these & let me know with your feedback too!

Stripes Nail Art:

1 black easy diy nail design

Simply apply black nail color on all nails. Let it air dry. Then create thin stripes by using pink nail color & nail stripper brush.

Polka Dots Nail Art:

2 brown diy nail design

After applying any nail color, you can use polka dots brush & create polka dot in lots of different patterns. One pattern is shown into the above picture & some more are shown below into the last of this article.

Shimmer Nail Art:

3 pink glitter diy nail design

For creating this look on your nail, you need to apply a nail color & dip your finger nails immediately into the shimmery material & let your nails air dry for 15 to 20 minutes. Now you are ready to rock into the party!

Hodgepodge Nail Art:

4 diy nail art for girls

This messy patterns colorful nail art is called Hodgepodge nail art. Hodgepodge means a confused mixed Patten as you can see into the above picture.

Easy DIY Nail Art Ideas for Girls:

Another DIY nail art catalog is bestowed below into the gallery. So, don’t forget check it out now for more ideas!