My dear girls do you love multi color nail art? If your answer is yes then you can explore the following picture collection because the photo gallery that is shown below is full of with the latest, trendy, classy & gorgeous multi nail art designs.  My interpretation for the multi nail art is: it adds the element of chicness into your personality plus your hands looks very stylish.

Many well known celebrities are also adopting his multi color nail art trend because we spotted many of them in multi color nail art such as Rihanna, Tallulah Morton, Christina Milian etc. For the purpose of creating a colorful nail art at the nails of your hand you can utilize various colorful nail polishes. You can contrast three or even more color.

For creating designs you can get assistance from the following pictures. You can create a heart shape, polka dots, floral prints, or a lining pattern. A girl’s fashion is incomplete without nail art. So in this age of fashion you must update yourself with the latest trends of fashion.

About: Nail Art
Type: Multi Color Nail Art
For: Girls
Designs are: Easy & Do-it-yourself
Gives you an: Elegant Look

Simple, Startling & Striking Multi Color Nail Art Design

1 2014 collection multi  colours nail art

Polka Dots Multi Color Nail Art for Fashion Conscious Girls

2 collection multi  colours nail art for girls

Eye-Capturing Multi Color Nail Art for You

3 stylish multi  colours nail art 2014 ideas