Easy Nail Art Designs:

In the ancient times almost before 90’s Nail color was basically indicate the difference between lower & higher class. The ladies of high class were used it only to show their status while the lower class ladies or girls were never allowed to use it. In short words, in the past, it was a way of determining the social status. But as the progress comes, innovations come into the beauty industry, it became allowed for every person. Now days instead of nail color the new term “Nail art” is quite in use. Nail art is basically a way of decorating nails both hand & toe.  Now it has becomes a fashion. Mostly teenage & young girls like this fashion very much. Mostly inspiration for creating designs on the nails can be taken from animals, birds, flowers, living as well as non living things. I am going to share some very unique & easy nail art pictures with you, hope you will like this assortment!

Pink Flower Nail Art Idea:

1 beautiful light pink color nail art

In this above picture you can see a very beautiful flower design which is created on the finger nails by using light pink nail color. First of all, simple pink nail color is applied, then flower design is created on it very artistically, by trial & error process you will also succeeds in learning it.

Pink Glitter Nail Art:

2 light pink color nail art with glitter

It is a very simple & do-it-yourself pink nail art. You need one matte o glossy pink nail color & one pink glitter nail color. Apply pink matte or glossy nail color on all finger nails except ring & middle finger nail. On these two nail you need to apply glitter nail color. Leave your nails almost for 15 to 20 min. Now apply a strap of pink nail color on the glittered nails as applied into the above picture.

Pink & White Nail Art:

3 latest light pink color nail art

Have a look at this pink & white color nail art. The combination of pink with white always looks really very nice. Nail strippers can be used for creating lines on the nails.

Cute Pink Nail Art:

4 light pink color nail art design

Look at this very cute nail art design. On each fingernail a new design is created. Nail dotter is used for creating polka dots design on pinky finger nail. Nail brush is used for creating zigzag line on the index finger nail. Strawberry design is created on ring finger nail. A white spot is created on middle finger nail.

Nail Art Gallery:

For decorating nails you can go with matte, glossy, glitter nail colors, nail art pens, water marbling techniques & with piercing. Several tools are used for adorning nails such as nail dotters, nail brushes, nail strippers, nail stickers, nail tapes etc. Now look towards the pictures carefully & get ideas!