Now this is not the age of painting your nails with just red or plain colors nail paints, it’s time to take plunge towards the trendy nail art that is becoming popular day by day. We have managed this post for the beginners who can’t do the toughest nail art designs but simple and creative ones which can make easily. You don’t need to go saloon and waist too much time there just to restyle your nails, you can also become professional at home by making simple nail art on nails.

Well your hands define your personality, taking care properly is as important as you have makeup daily. The one interesting fact about hands is that, men notice the hands of girls at first sight and they like beautiful hands and feet as well. So it is so important to give an interesting and unique definition by painting the nails artistically.

Before going to do any of nail art, you must make sure about the proper shapes of nails and the Mani cure that will enhance the art designs on nails. And this care will be done before getting nail painting art, so get up and start your work right now. The DIY nail art ideas are also for lazy girls who don’t want to heck much and want the easy and last minutes beauty hacks for their hands.

We will give the ideas step by step for your clear understanding, but be a patient girl because if you don’t know about any nail art then you need more practice. First try it in the free time and keep on practicing; this will lead you to the level of perfection. We have picked up the easiest ideas so that you may not find any difficulty in the beginning, start from the easy and then get towards the tough ones. Well let’s take from the first idea, here we go.

Cute and easy dotted nail art for beginners:

1. Cute black colorful nail art design

Dots are fun in your life that you can create by having different items and accessories, so how’s that to have dots on nails? It’s just wow.
•    Take black nail paint and give a coat to all nails one by one.
•    Now
•    Collect all the colorful nail polishes you have in your beauty box.
•    Give dots vertically with different color nail polishes, it’s your own wish if you want diagonally, horizontally or anyway you want.

Music nails art easy design idea:

25 amazing diy nail ideas   style motivation

Music nail art is cool for the beginners and also for punk youngsters who love and keep passion for music. You can make this beautiful nail design just by easy steps and these are;
•    You need basic white nail polish to paint the nails but make sure it must not touch the skin around the nails that looks bad.
•    Create 3 horizontal stripes to the edge of the nails.
•    Now make a ball like circle, one at the start of first stripe and the other to the opposite side of lower stripes.
•    Join the music beat together by creating geometric lines and see your nail art is ready.

Sponge made interesting nail art:

3. Stylish nail art design for beginners

This is the most easy nail art ever that is styled with the help of foam sponge piece, pick up the small sponge and follow these steps to make this nail art.
•    Take two colors of nail paint you like the most and give the coats of nail polish to all nails.
•    Now pour some nail polish to floor or any hard paper one upon other, place the sponge over nail polish and let it absorb this paint.
•    Now put this sponge to nails where the two tones blurred nail art will show its beauty, clean up the nail polish around the skin of nails.

Lady birds nail design for lazy girls:

4. Red and black nail art

Basically you are needed for black and red nail polishes to make ladybird nail art style.
•    Have red nail paint to all over the nails and pick up black to shape the lady bird upon nails.
•    Make the head of lady bird at the last of nails and create a vertical line over the head goes to the end of nails.
•    Now make 3-4 tiny dots to the both side of this line and give the head proper shape by making the white and black eyes, you have completed.

Tie and dye trouble-free nail art:

5. Rainbow tie dye nail art design

This rainbow tie and dye nail art is too much simple and easy to do with the help of eye shadow brush.
•    Paint the nails with white basic nail polish and let it be dry.
•    Take eye shadow brush and any color nail paint to give the tints of tie and dye.
•    Fill the brush with nail polish and fill the corner of every nail beautifully, now you are succeeded in making beginners nail art.