We are all greatly appreciated and come under the impressive influenced of nail art. But we feel a certain reluctance to apply this art at our own nails. Surely it is a great art but it is not as complicated as we think. In this context, we have to know about basic and fundamental techniques with the certain required skills.

As it is said that (practice makes the man perfect), by practicing time and again one must be able to find command at the concrete forms of nail art. At the start, one can be apply simple lyre designs, polka dots and simple glittering work and with the passage of time nail art will be on your finger tips. Rhinestones and flowery designs are also just at the distance of your practice.

Polka dots, nail strips and stickers, magnetic nail art, matte designs, mix and match nail art and press-ons are very easy in their practice but very subtle and elegant in their appearance. Let’s take an impressive sight of the gallery.
Topic: nail art
Special for: beginners
Perfect for: starting elegance look
Ideal to: learner of nail art

Simple but stylish lyres and dots design in nail art

golden black and white color nail art designs for beginners

Easiest polka dots design for beginners

Nail Art Designs For Beginners pink and white color

Simple but impressive design in pink nail art

Nail Art designs for beginners pink color 2014

Shimmering nail paint with rhinestones

nail art pen designs for beginners 2014 collection

Black and white dyed style in nail art

white and black nail art designs for beginners