The girls who have become housewife and can not remain long nails because of some logical reasons, also want to apply nail polishes on her nails in such cute style as use the others girls. So they have no need to take worry because we would introduce them such nail art as much better for short and housewife nails.
Let’s have a look at below.
For short nails, polka style nail paint design is so cute and nice. Firstly dark nail polish apply on your nails and then make a lot of dots with light and faint nail color in polka style with the assistance of bobby pin or toothpick. You can also use just transport shiner and also a little bit design can be made at the top edge of the nail. Smiley face of panda with black and white nail paint can be made on nails amazingly. In spite of all these, you can make sights, scenes, and a lot of things structure on your nails with nail paint not only on the long nails but also on short nails.  The chief and main thing is that, choose bright and sharp nail paint color and apply it with great care and attention.
The short nails women can follow the above instructions and easily enjoy the functions and life like others modish girls.

Subject matter: Nail art
Color: Bright and dazzling
Style: Polka, panda, heart etc
Perfect for: Short nails


cute-pink-nail and white nail art

easy-nail-art for girls

easy-nail-art for short nail