Hands are considered main beautiful part of the body. Mostly women are very conscious about their hands beauty. They do manicure of their hands so that their hands keep soft and beautiful. For this purpose they go to beauty salon and parlours. Utterly women enhance their hand’s nail to enhance their beauty that is why they embellish their nails with different nail polishes, beads and stunning stones. Due to their unique and distinctive nails they can make their personality impressive and charming and they can inspire other people with their stylish and nice nail paint. In this sense, Japanese are found extremely crazy especially women in the nail art.

Japanese women know very well how to make their nails fashionable and exaggerated. For this purpose they stuck red and black combination flying insect, branches and other things on their nails. These all things are made with stunning plastic. They also apply many things on their nails like lovely beads and pearls in black, grey and white colors. They also make different things on their nails like beautiful dolls, fairies, flowers and snake in different colors like dark and light. Japanese girls enhance their nails till extra length and decorate their nails with such things as nobody can imagine.