Nail art is amazing and even trendy from the last 5 years as the trend was first seen in 2012 when girls find it interesting to color their nails by making different textures and patterns. well there are many designs that can be drawn on nails to make them prominent like rainbow, stripes, dotted, Christmas designs, glittery and embellished nails in which of them I have taken the watercolor effect nail art that is gorgeous and in fact easy to make with only a little practice. I would like to narrate the method in some simple steps that are:
•    Choose 3-4 colors of nail paint
•    First use white basecoat for extra support of other nail paints
•    Blob on the other nail paints drops after drying out the white
•    Take clear plastic bag to smash the drops of colorful paints
•    Clear out the all nail paint around nails and end the process with a topcoat
The water color nail art is ready that is too simple to make at home and you do not any need to go to nails art bar however if anyone feels conscious to not make with hands, acrylic nails are another choice that are easily available to any professional nail bar or in the market. For colors choice it’s totally your need whether you want to go with pastel shades or the dark colors.
Nail paints trends is not new as peeping into the history you will find it in the ancient times too, but that were used for different purposes, to show up the status of any lady or gentlemen with assigning the colors according to status like black for upper class and green for lower class. However in different ages queens like Cleopatra used red nail paint color and the common ladies were not allowed using the same color shade of nail paint that queen like to color her nails with. Well this short history will make you understand the significance of nail art or colors. But now we have to move towards the watercolor art of nails to inspire you for having it on different occasions.

Watercolor nail paint design with rhinestone:

1. water color nail art with rhinestone

The pastel shades are best when you decide to have watercolor art on nails but to make this nail art more effective, embellish your nails with golden or silver rhinestones for further enhancement. For spring days you can have this nail art even in casual routine to change the look of the hands beautifully.

Watercolor design art with different hues:



2. water color effect nail

Only the watercolor nail art is surely cool but if you add different hues like stickers or even the designs, the nails will look ravishing as in the picture floral like art has also been used to upgrade the design of watercolor on nails.

Green watercolor effect with black stripes:

3. water color nail design with stripes

Another way to have watercolor effect is to simply go with the one color nail paint like green and to amaze this one color design make the different textured stripes with black color that will create charm in your hands. This idea can follow for different events like on Christmas only green and red nail paint will be sufficient for watercolor art.

Blend of music beats design and water color:

4. watercolor nail art design

White basecoat and light texture of water fall is cool but for extra classy look music beats design is very much beautiful. This idea is best for music lover girls like Emo girls can go with this too, to mesmerize their trendy look.

Dark watercolor nail paint:

5. gleaming water color nail design

To rock out the glamorous appearance go with the dark color nail paints to make the watercolor nail art design for the stylish style statement. This will be also cool for the autumn days to bring colors in the season and also in your apparel.