Christmas is just coming and all Christian people are very much excited about their holy festival. They are busy in the preparation of different Christmas parties to celebrate the Christmas with great pleasure.

Hey! Beautiful girls we are sure that you would have designed your Christmas party outfits and complete your shopping for other accessories as shoes, jewelry etc. but without beautiful nail art your Christmas look would be incomplete so here we are offering some fantastic and adorable nail art ideas for Christmas. Let’s start.

Snowflakes nail art:

Snowflakes nail art idea is perfect for chilly Christmas and you can use any color for base. Snowflakes will look great on traditional red Christmas color. Paint of your all nails with shimmery red color match to your dress and make beautiful white snowflakes with matt white.

Penguin nail art:

Capture the essence of winter season with this cute and beautiful penguin nail art. Start with sparkly sea blue color for sea water and then use white color for snow feeling. Paint the tips of the nails with sparkly blue to sea show the ocean and base with white to show snow. In the end décor your ring finger with adorable penguin in nits real black and white colors.

Santa Claus nail art:

Undoubtedly Santa Claus is the most exciting part about Christmas decorating homes and getting dressed. Santa nail art is the poplar trend of Christmas and Santa manicure is the perfect way to decorate your nails for Christmas.

A red nail with white stripe going alone the center vertically and with black buttons and blain waist belt is giving the perfect backdrop for Santa’s belly. Middle finger nail is looking so cute having Santa’s innocent face and remaining nails with shimmery red nail paint are complementing Santa nail art design.