Nail paint is the compulsory for the hand’s beauty and now a day’s nail paints are in so many colors and design you can apply the different color nail paints on your hands specially the students of the schools and colleges use the different color nail paint for grooming  their hands and  not only nail paints rather the decoration of the nail paints is also  very inn now a days  there are so many bold and light colors are  used by the girls  and sometime  all paints colors are different from the  other means  one shade  is on one  finger.

Nail paints are common in the matte ,glitter and the  shiny ,velvet and the leather colors you  can buy any color nail paint  on your nail but here we are talking about the matte colors  because in the summer we should not go with the shiny and  sparkling color because in the  summer all persons are not in good mood in the summer  so we should  use the  matter color it is not shiny and give you   a nice touch  with the floral , vertical lining, horizontal lining and the heart  pattern all are  made on  the  nails then it look nice .here I  have some  nail paint  decorating ideas   for you if you are interested then  must   watch it.

Blend of blue color:


For the night party you can apply the purple plum shade  with the blue blend nail paint  and the white  rhinestone  on the  nails is giving your nail a new look you can carry the  white gown with it and the  bold red color dresses is also good choice  you  can use the red color stone also to  make the  hand attractive  and nice. For the fair color skin tone this nail color is best choice.

Leather black with gold:


Black color is mostly like by the girl w3heter it is in the shoes ,bags, dresses and the  nail paints the black nail paint in the  sparkling and  glittering color was  much used by the  girls of the  college and university  leather black   nail paint with the metal gold  nail paint is  decent with the black dress  embroided with the golden   work  golden color rhinestones are  nice on the  leather black color nail paint for the party it is  decent  attractive.

Dark pistachio:

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If you have the olive color skin tone  then you can  use the pistachio color  nail paint  with the silver rhinestone you can carry  the  orange color dress with this nail paint you should  don’t use too much  rhinestone on the nail paint it look so odd this is light color  you can  apply it for the casual dresses and in the summer it look  light and cool.

Elephant white with leather black:


The medium color skin tone girls can carry all colors easily but don’t go with too much light colors elephant white and the leather black color is decent you can use these colors in the bats and the club parties you look very beautiful in these colors black and white rhinestone on your simple matte nail paint is looking superb you can carry the   golden colorings for the party.

Nude pink with the black shade:


Nude color is good for the fair complexion girls in the day time parties nude colors are used because it shoe your hands   are decorated but the naipaint is not appear  brightly so for the fancy touch you can make  do the art on it  take nude pink color and apply it on your hand just ring finger and the large finger skip because  black and white color is also used on the one finger apply simple and on the other  make the striped style and use the rhinestones on the nail paint.

Nude beach color:

6 Rhinestone-Designs

Beach color is very light but in the summer this colors best you can make this color favorite for the simmer if you are going on the beach side or any seaside area then you can   apply the beach color nail paint on the ring finger apply the full stones and in the other per one stone is good on the beach with the maxi and the jumpsuit you can apply this nail paint at the place of rhinestone you can use the   colorful sitary.

Purple plum color:

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Purple plum   is very beautiful is very beautiful basically this color  is make it the bright colors  on your  olive and tan skin  color this nail paints is good idea make the shape of your nails and apply the nail paint  on your whole  nails  and on the one finger  must  use the rhinestone  with the sitaras and the  sequins if you want to keep them maintain  then clean it  and  you can use the red color also to  decorate the hands.