The  trend of nail art is  increasing day by day because it is the part of our fashion  the girls who  like the  nail paints they make  different nail paint  designs on their nails  with their idle things like tooth picks, ice cream  sticks , ear buds , twigs and the match sticks  and many other things .the fashion and the techniques of the nail art never remain same it is in changing with the season .

now a day  all the bold and light color of nail paints are inn  you can  apply any color on your nails with the different designs . The girls who know the creativity they can make the different pattern on the nails with little practice. The winter season is on its coming and the trend of the nail art is changing   the nail art which is in the fashion in this winter that is feather style with different light and bold colors  you can make it at your home  because  it is not too  difficult .

the young girls like to live freedom and the  feathers of the birds  symbolized the girls   freedom  because when they are married they fly like birds to their next home . Feather nail art look classy, elegant, bright ,attractive and create a great fun in the nails best than the all tattoos. When we do any fashion then we should see the deep meanings of that fashion because it keeps our mind fresh and we gain too much knowledge from every knowledge. Here I have some nail paints ideas with the symbolizes the birds feathers.

Black and white:


Black color is mostly liked by the  girls because it is best for all the seasons and events you can  apply it with any  color it look  nice so black with white  on the center two finger apply the  white nail paint and on the first and last apply black nail paint it will give you a nice look  on the black you can make the white feathers and on the  white you can make the black feathers it is the   feather of crow and the  black color is made  due to the crow  and the crow’s feather symbolizes the  cunningness, release ,past beliefs and the  skill if you made then people will think you have the abilities like crow.

Peacock inspired:


Peacock is very beautiful animal it  is multi shaded and many colors are   taken from the  peacock for design  so if you are going in the wedding then with your multi shaded  dress the peacock feathers nail art look great  so take different nail paint and  apply it on your nail and with the help of tooth pick make the feathers  but the basic should be white because if you  apply nail paint on the colorful nail paint it become mix and create the  bad effect so  make different designs  and peacock symbolized the beauty  vision , protection, guidance ,awakening etc .

Lining with the feather style:


On the nail you can make different style like the lining and the feathers  on the three nails  apply the colorful lines  and on the two fingers   make the feathers  and the center if  the feathers should be embellisg3d with the silver glitter and  on it you can make the eagle  feathers   it show you that you are so courageous and brave, prestige and leader if  in the group of friend you want to show your leadership then you apply the    nail paint in the style of eagle. At the place of glitter you can apply the  beads and the  tiny pearls .

Feathers and the nest style:


The girls who are teen ages and like to fly in the air means  having aim to  achieve any goal then they can apply the  nail paint which  can show your  courage and the   plan  apply the white nail paint n your full nails  and then  make the feathers of any birds it is  up to your choice and if you want to show the sky then at the place of white you can use the sky blue nail paint with the different birds feathers  and birds are flying fully sight of sky which is full with birds and on the one side make nest style Anything  it can give you a cool look  if your hands are white then on the baby pink nail paint you can make the dove feathers.

Transparent nail paint:


In the summer season the transparent nail paint look very beautiful so you can apply the shiner with the glitter sky blue nail paint and the  and black with the white and blue make the feathers of the   blue birds ,heron birds  etc  it look so nice and give your nail a glittering look  with the glitter nail paint you can make the   colorful nail feathers with the shiny  style you can carry it with your formal dresses and it will give  your nails and elegant look in new style.