Amazing & Super Easy Nail Art Tutorials for Girls:

Nail art is one of those trends that seem never end soon. Yes, currently, this is in vogue. So, go market & buy some more unique & vivid color nail paints for creating stunning & eye capturing nail art on your nails. Nail art actually makes you like a fashion icon. You can make a fashion statement among your friends by creating bold design nail art. Today, I am here with a fresh collection of nail art ideas.

I collect these from these very recently. So, all are new. The important point about this collection is that all designs are superbly easy. So, the beginners can also try these at home. No matters whether there is summer or winter because these Do it yourself nail art ideas are perfect for almost every season & every event. You can bring variation into the color combination by keeping your dress color or skin tone into the mind. Let’s take a look at some very creative ideas!

Colorful Polka Dots Nail Art:

1 do it yourself nail designs

In this very initial picture you can see a girl hands with short length nails, she first applied black nail paint & create a nail art by using colorful nail paint. She actually creates polka dots nail art. It is really very easy. Try at home & then let me know with your feedback.

Flower Nail Art:

2 do it yourself nail designs (9)

Try to create a flower pattern by joining polka dots. For the creation of polka dots usually bobby pin or toothpicks can be used. Now days, the nail dotters are also available in the market. If you like to create flawless polka dots then you can buy polka dotters from the market.

Stripped Nail Art:

3 do it yourself nail designs (2)

This nail is basically known as stripped nail art, in this nail art you can create either vertical or horizontal stripes. For the creation of this nail art you can use tape. First apply basic nail paint. Now, cut the tape & paste on nails (in a pattern that you like to create) & apply other nail color. You can cut thin size as well as wide size tape. The choice is yours.

Rainbow Nail Art:

4 do it yourself nail designs (8)

This nail art is created by taking inspiration from the rainbow & clouds. It is also very easy. Try at home.

Overlapping Nail Art:

5 do it yourself nail designs (13)

This pattern of nail art is called overlapping nail art. If you like it then you can try it at home. It can be created by using tape.

Shimmer & Heart Nail Art:

6 do it yourself nail designs (7)

In this nail art, the pink nail paint & silver shimmer nail paint are used. A heart design is also created on the ring finger & the stripped design is created on the middle finger. Overall, the nail art idea is chic & ultra modish. The teenage girls will surely like it.

Nail Art at Home:

For more inspiration you can look down into the nail art gallery. Observe each picture carefully & try at home! Best of luck!