Nail Art for Girls:

Girls are very crazy about the nail art ideas. They want to create amazing designs on their nails by taking inspiration from various objects. Now days, nail art has been becoming very easy due to the facilities. For example when you visit a market then you can find lots of nail colors very easily. Similarly, for applying nail color & for creating designs you can get different types of nail brushes such as nail dotters, nail stripers, nail stickers, tapes for creating nail art & much more.

For creating an innovative nail art on your nails you need to collect the complete nail kit so that you can learn this art. If you are not a master of this art then don’t worry. Just collect all items, try again & again by looking towards our pictorial tutorials. Believe me after some days you can do it flawlessly. Today, I bring someone nail art ideas for you. Hopefully you will like these!

Ladybug Nail Art:

1 black dot nail art design

This lady bug design nail art is created by using black, white & red nail color. First of all, apply black nail color, then apply red shimmer nail color on nail tips & now create white polka dots by using nail dotter.

Rainbow & Cloud on Sky Nail Art:

2 rainbow style nail art design

This rainbow, cloudy & sky blue nail art is looking quiet cheerful & pleasing to the eyes. Teenage girls will surely like this unique & amazing idea.

Dried Branches Nail Art:

3 tree style nail art

Have a look at another nail art that is looking quite graceful & creative. The inspiration is taken from autumn season.

Simile Nail Art:

4 yellow nail art for girls

Create smiles & sad impression on the nails! First apply yellow nail color & then use black nail color for creating simile.

Amazing Nail Art Ideas:

Look towards the following gallery for more inspiration.