At this time not only the ultra fashionable women are wearing different stylish nail art designing but every other woman now finds herself incomplete without wearing stylish nail art. The trend of painting nails has become so famous that now woman sought after the new designs and style.

Undoubtedly nail art design compliment not only your hands but also your complete demeanor. With the addition of nail art designing you can beautified your hands and selecting awesome colors and designing you can make your look fashionable and chic.

Girls love to try different designing and to make butterfly designing on nails would be very interesting and amazing experience for them. Apart from all kinds of embellishment with stone, pearls, rhinestones and beads you can opt for butterfly designing to make the nails look pretty and lovely. Some butterfly designs are shown here:

Orange and white nail pain with butterfly stamp:

If you do not have beautiful nails with nice-looking shapes you can opt for acrylic nails and white and orange color outline is making the nails attractive and captivating. Butterfly stamp are used for two to three of the fingers and for casual occasions you can make your hands look beautiful with this style and designing of nails.

Navy blue color nail paint and butterfly designed nails:

Navy blue color nail paint is looking outstanding and two fingers with shimmery nail paint are looking fabulous. Butterfly designing on brown color are looking wonderful and the hand are looking very glamorous and gorgeous. Among navy blue color nail paint butterfly designing is looking complimentary and making the hands more attractive and eye-catching.

Nail paint designing with butterfly feathers:

Black and green shimmery nail paint are looking very classy and edgy. Butterfly feathers painting on the nails are making the hand more eye-catching. You can make butterfly feathers with the help of cotton sticks.

If you are good at painting or drawing then this will become very easy for you. If you are wearing black color attire then opt for this nail paint designing and make your hands look awesome.

Butterfly nail paint embellished with studs:

Black, white and pink selecting these three colors you can have pretty and lovely looking nails. As shown in the picture paint your nails in the same way and then décor them with white studs or rhinestones. The addition of studs or rhinestones will give fancy look to your hands.

The designing is looking just awe-inspiring and breath-taking. You will make people look at your hands again and again with this way of designing.