Nail Art Designed for Teen & Younger Girls:

Now days, mostly it is seen that girls, especially young & teenage girls, never apply nail color very traditionally or mono chromatically (one color only) instead of it they like to style their nails or the tips of nail by created very inspiring & beautiful designs. They create these designs by using different color nail pants, brushes, nail dotters, nail stripes, nail stickers, tapes etc. they use shimmer nail paint or sometimes they like to go with matte colors. For creating designs they can take inspirations from flowers, animals, birds, insects, sea creatures, alphabets, numbers & from everything. Sometimes they like to create lines, dots, abstract art etc.

No doubt, that nail art always enhances the beauty of your hands & fingers, especially if it is done flawlessly & impeccable. I you are not an expert in this art then don’t worry because now days, different beauty salon are offering the services of nail art. So, you can avail these services.

Another important point about nail art is that, when you create nail art for special event, festival or party then you must keep two main points into your mind. First one is that the colors of nail art must be coordinated with the colors of your dress. Second is choose a theme for nail art that goes best with the occasion or party that you are going to attend. For example for charismas party choose snowflake, Santa-clause, Santa cap, nail art, for New Year party you can choose “HAPPY NEW YEAR” alphabets idea on nails. For Dewali or other traditional party you can go with traditional designs.

Now let’s have a look at most latest & stunning 2015 golden nail art ideas. These all are created mainly by using golden nail color. In some pictures you can see that some other colors are also used. Look & take inspirations!

Golden & Black Cat Nails Art Idea for Funky Girls:

1 golden nail art designs for younger girls

Metallic Golden Nail Art Simple yet Elegant:

2 golden nail art designs for younger girls (6)

Shimmer Golden Nail Art with Zigzag Deign on Ring Finger:

3 golden nail art designs for younger girls (9)

Polka Dots Nail Design Idea for Teen Girls:

4 golden nail art designs for younger girls (10)

Golden Lace Nail Art & Black Finger Tips:

5 golden nail art designs for younger girls (2)

For more golden nail art ideas & designs you can look into the following photo gallery!