Nail art is being very famous and important factor of current fashion world. There are lot of things about nail art which make it pretty much excited. We have already discuss out so much nail art designs and ideas and even tutorials for beginners in order to enhance out this amazing trend. This time we are going to discuss about some of best and easy to do at home French nail art ideas for young girls. All you have to do is just
Apply clear polish on surface of your nail in order to smoothen its while surface and give definition to whole nail for before applying actual nail color.

Take cutip and apply petroleum jelly around your cuticles in order to get rid of excess nail polish during applying nail color on your nail.

Apply scotch tape or any type of tape all around your finger in order to get rid of any mess which can be made while doing nail art.

Now apply some sort of strips at center of nail as sown in image and then apply nail color leaving center behind. Apply glitter in center and add brighter version of nail color on top of nail.

Here are some of other nail art ideas for people which would be amazing for people who are beginners.

Metallic nail art ideas:

Pastel glitter nail art:

Funky glitter nail art:

Ombre stylish nail art:

Winter French manicure:

Creative French nail art: