Nail paint has become a must thing for formal, informal or casual functions. Looking at the different designs that are being introduced girls are looking for the upcoming designs they can do on different events. Even for casual events they like to give complement to your outfit and really nail paint contribute a lot to over all attire.

Make your appearance classy and edgy from head to toe and must include the participation of nail paint to your attire. Nail art will make your hands; look beautiful and attractive and with trendy designs you can have modish and chic look in the gathering. In summer rainbow colors will give soothing and pleasant look.

These rainbow colors can be made on nails and these will make the hands look awe-inspiring making your whole presence inspirational for others. Different designs with rainbow colors that you can make for nail paint are given here:

Black color nails paint with rainbow colors:

1. amaizing style of rainbow nail art (3)

Complete black color can make you look washed out so opt for this designing. In summer if you are wearing a chiffon dress or wearing pent with black top then this designing of nail paint will complement to your outfit. You can make this designing in home easily.

With the help of tooth brush make flower on black color nail paint. Not of only one color but with different colors that are found in rainbow you can make the designing on nails.  Different colorful studs can also be used to make floral designing on nails and these will make the nail paint beautiful and adorable.

Nail paint with rainbow style:

2. amaizing style of rainbow nail art (19)

Have different colors of nail paint and make stripes on nails. With equal sequences you can draw nail paint in rainbow form. The glittered paint is used to make the nail paint look beautiful and shiny. Wearing white, tea pink, peach and Sky-blue color or any color from rainbow you can add charm to your look with the addition of magnificent looking nail paint. Seven colors are used to make this designing and your nails will look captivating with this style and design. This designing will go suitable with both western and traditional costumes.

Crystal embellished nail paint:

3. amaizing style of rainbow nail art (12)

Here we have breath-taking design in rainbow style that is made on nails using crystals. Crystals are giving the shine of the colors of the rainbow. Pointed nails with crystals are looking too sophisticated and even at formal functions women can consider this designing for nail paint to add elegance to their demeanor.

Wearing a nude, peach, yellow or cream color saree in an event opt for this designing of nail paint and have all eyes on you with you outstanding appearance.

 Butterflies with different colors:

4. amaizing style of rainbow nail art (5)

This style is for young girls to do in order to have dramatic look. College going girls can make this designing to have chic and playful look. If you know the art of calligraphy you can make this designing easily.

First with black nail paint give the outline of butterflies and then fill it with different colors that can give the nail paint look of rainbow colors. Butterflies are made on the top of the nails and these are looking adorable and fabulous with amazing look.

Rainbow colors with black color designing:

5.amaizing style of rainbow nail art (4)

Three different colors on each nail are giving rainbow look with full extent and further it is made more amazing with black color designing that can be done with black color nail paint using a brush. Funky girls can make this design to throw a playful atmosphere to surrounding and this design will go perfect with their personality.