Of Mice and Men Nail Art Designs for Ladies:

“Of Mice & Men” is actually the name of a very popular & fame gaining novel. This novel was written by the author John Steinbeck. He is actually a Nobel Prize–winning author in the history. The story of the novel actually revolves around the two best friends George Milton and Lennie Small. They both migrate from one place to another place in search of job opportunities during the period of Great Depression in California, US.

This novel is published in 1937. A band also comes into existence on the same novel inspired name “Of Mice & Men” in the year 2009 & still present. People are getting nail art inspiration from these two “of mice & men” name things. They are trying to show their dedicate-ness towards “of mice & men” by writing these words or their abbreviation on the nails.

You can either black & white color or you can use colorful nail paint for creating this nail art. Some unique & different ways of creating this nail art are shown below into the pictures. Take a look & if you like then you can try these at home!

Colorful Nail Art:

of mice and men nail art (1)

Of mice and men Black & White Nail Art:

of mice and men nail art (4)

Stunning Of Mice and Men Nail Art for Girls:

of mice and men nail art (5)

O M & M Nail Art:

of mice and men nail art (7)