If we look at our surrounding or environment, we shall find fashion, trend, glamorous and so on everywhere. Life will look colorful and vibrant because of fashion and style. Hence, we shall discuss about most appealing and raising fashion or trend which is being demanding among the girls very much. And that is “Nail Art” which is climbing up the stairs of fashion field rapidly. Below we shall introduce you new and up to date nail art which attract the modish girls so much, lets see…
For enhancing the beauty of nails, you can utilize the bows with cute nail paint on the hands and feet nails beautifully. You can utilize dark or matte nail polishes with hand made bows which are stuck on the top edge of nail with pretty nail polish designing.
Zebra and cheetah style nail polishes on the nails are much appropriate for girls and in this way, they can really become the centre of attention for others.
You can use also multi colors on one hand nails for giving them great awe-inspiring look.
Stones, beads, bows and cuts can be utilized for this nail art. Appealing and adorable tinny flowers and trees can be made on nails with great care and attention.
In spite of all these, you can also use light color bows with multi and dark nail paints designing. All these above ideas of nail art can help such girls as are worried about their hands beauty and want to make them charming and loving so that they could attend any function with full confidence….

Subject matter: Nail Art
Style: Latest Bows designing
Colors: Both light and dark
Perfect for: Short and long nails

Simple Nail Art Designs

black and white Nail Art with Bows