Bridal wants everything perfect in her wedding from dressing style to the all planning of wedding arrangements. Her dressing, shoes, hairstyle, jewelry and makeup must be highly classy because this is the unique day of your life. The beauty conscious brides starts doing care for their skin, face, hands and feet through taking facial treatments, mani cure and Pedi cure. But remember, your wedding look must be fit with caring for even the small things.

Nails are no doubt small and minimalist but a bride should not be careless avoiding the nails, it must be painted with awesome nail polish. And what about nail art? This is the trend of latest era where girls are conscious even not neglecting the beauty hack of nails. At first brides only took the simple and plain ivory color nail paints but these days the nail art with different designing has been emerged on the scene.

Acrylic nails are the one that enhance the hands beauty in gorgeous way. If you are not expert in making nail art then acrylic nails help you to carry the gorgeous silhouettes. Well the brides can contact to any eminent saloon where wedding packages are available in which nail art is also included.
So its our special post for ongoing brides who are set to marry their right men, make your look great and ideal with accessorizing and dressing best but don’t forget about your nails. See the pictures below and get ideas for wedding nail art.

Bridal floral nail art:

1. Beautiful Bridal nail art designs 2016

This is the best chance to style the spring wedding appearance with appropriate spring silhouettes, the floral hues over nails are looking great. This can do easily by bride with having clear or transparent nail polish but your nails must be well trimmed and shaped. Opt for the small floral beading for nails and get them upon nails to have best nail art of wedding.

Nail shells with beautiful art:

2. Beautiful Bridal nail art designs 2016

Instead of going with acrylic or fake nails the brides must style their own real nails in the sophisticate way. Have mani cure rightly and shape your nails before a day of wedding, decorate the one nail of both hands with your well shaped nail shells and a shiny bead over them that will create fancy look of nails. But to bear any disaster of sticking of nail shells, you must contact to the bridal salon for accurate work.

Glittery and beaded nail art:

3. Beautiful Bridal nail art designs 2016

These nail art design is just fantabulous with its glittery, shiny and glossy that will add the further shine for your hands. These are totally the acrylic nails if your nail length is short but you can make this nail art upon your own long nails. To have royal like look you must opt for the precious tiny stones on nails otherwise fake beads are best to twinkle the nail art beautifully.

Metallic nail art style for bride:

4. Beautiful Bridal nail art designs 2016

It’s not compulsory if your wedding gown is white then have white nail paint or art, think different and go with metallic nails whether for ivory gowns or for blush wedding dresses. The simple way to have the Ombre effects of two nail paints but in stripes, to get perfection for your nails the nail tools to make ideal stripes with no mess are cool.

Lace black bridal nail art design:

5. Beautiful Bridal nail art designs 2016

Well this is perfectly unconventional nail art design for brides because generally the black color is not considere3d well for brides. However the brides of this age are doing and going with what they really like and black lace nail art designing would be righteous and chic for brides who have black themed wedding dress and all other things. To make this such a cool style of nail art, showcase your stylist of wedding day and go with the wonderful nails.