New and different designs are being introduced in nail art that is increasing the craze of girls and women to paint their nails in different styles. To give complement to your outfit you can paint your nails with different stylish pattern.

When you are wearing a black outfit then red color nail paint having polka dots can increase the charm of your whole attire. College girls or university girls can opt for simple looking designs and for formal and informal functions you can have designs according the event and your outfit. Make your appearance full of elegance and grace with the addition of amazing design of nail paint.

A very easy to make nail art design is making flowers on nail paint and these can give your hands very attractive look. Some ideas are given here for you:

Shocking pink color nail paint with flower design:

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This shocking pink color will go with most of the suits even with western style. Wearing denim pent that is your all time favorite if you are wearing a white, black or pink color top then this color nail paint will look very prominent.

You can go with acrylic nails if your nails are short or readymade nails will save your time when you are in hurry. You must need to know the art for calligraphy to make different designs on nails. On shocking pink color nail paint white color flowers are looking very nice and adorable.

Pink color nails paint with floral designing:

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This pink color nail paint is looking very classy with the amazing designing of giving nails outline with paints of other colors. White and black color outline for nails is made attractive with dots and daisy flowers. With the help of toothpick you can easily make these flowers. Make the design of flower on nail with black color paint and fill it. With a yellow color dot in the midst of the flowers fulfill their look. This design is very nice to do for casual occasions.

Tea pink color nail paint with flowers:

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In summer when you are wearing classy dresses in different lawn fabrics then you can add glamour to your attire with the addition of light color nail paint. Tea pink color is giving very soothing and elegant look and with different light color dresses you can opt for this designing.

Making flowers on nail paint you can give your nails fresh look. You can easily make this design o your own. Making a dot of yellow color paint on the center of the tips of the nails you can make petals like shape of white color all around them. This designing will give very sophisticated look to your hands.

Floral designing on black color nail paint:

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Black color nail paint can be made more captivating with floral designing on them. Three to four flowers on the tip of the nails in different colors are looking very captivating and attractive. With black color chiffon fabricated outfit you can make this style of nail paint. Make your look elegant from head to toe and nails which are the central part of hands can participate a lot in making your hands look adorable.

White and blue color flowers on black color nail paint:

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These Flowers are of large size and are looking very prominent with white and blue colors. On black color nail paint flowers of white and navy blue colors are looking awesome. Opt for this design on casual occasions or o semi-party functions and make your hands classy and edgy.
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