0. attractive colors  naipaints for weddings

The season of wedding is very much and mostly people fix the marriage date in this season because this season is spring season not much   hot and not cold enough .In the spring season you should  do such things which are  according   to the season  everyone  know that spring season is full of  colors and  fragrance and many  new  plants and flowers are grow in spring season .The style of our dressing is changed  because when the season is change the trend also become changed  whether it is in dresses, shoes, jewelry ,make up nail paint and any accessories of beautification .Nail paints is a  main thing which  is used in weddings and without nail paint our preparation is  incomplete and nail polishes are available in so many shades and   kind but now a day shimmer is very famous in  thing which give us a good effect and fancy look.

Various elegant nail paints:

0+ attractive colors  naipaints for weddings

There are many nail paints which are inn because after beautify thy features of your face the number of your hands are come because it remain in front of all so we should keep our hands neat and clean first of all manicure and massage is much important to make your hands beautiful and then select a color of your choice.

1. Attractive colors nail paints for weddings

Grey color is  in fashion whether that is in any shade because it look  so nice  and you can contrast with any color the big benefit of grey is that it can be suitable for all color dresses  you can use grey color with black ,yellow and purple it look  great. With the grey color you can add silver and  peach color with black color you can make polka dots on your nails.


2. Attractive colors nail paints for weddings

Maroon color is mostly used in the things of school and colleges but in the nail polish it give your nail a sparkling appearance and it is best for both complexion whether they are white and something dark because it is bold color and bright maroon is good with navy blue, black and tea pink color .Light maroon and bold maroon both are use in the wedding ceremonies and it is mostly favorite color o0f senior ladies.


3. Attractive colors nail paints for weddings

There are many colors in blue shades  navy blue ,peacock  blue, oxford blue and  Prussian blue are best these  colors are mostly applied by college girls because it look chic with silver glitter and   it give us the  effect of cool weather and  you can apply nail paint  with  dark pink  and  orange . With sky blue you can decorate it with black  and  white color and nail art is  very inn now a day so you can use pearl and stones according to your dress shades.

Nude :

4. attractive colors  naipaints for weddings

Nude color is mostly used in the casual functions because it is so light and with your bright dresses very light colors are best but if you  want to go in wedding ceremony   with nude nail paint then you can  give the touch of something shine and glitter because it is trend that 4 fingers are same and  one is different from these 4  and glitter  will make your simple nail polish as a formal .

Sparkling different colors:

5. Attractive colors nail paints for weddings

Many nail art nail paints are available in the market which is purchased by the ladies but the girls who are not much creative then they can only use glittering and sparkling color .Golden, beige and metallic color are in trend of  glittering color you can decorate your hands  if you have only one color which is not in your dress  then apply on your one finger  simple nail paint and  after drying apply  sparkling nail polish. These colors are mostly used by  young girls and bride  because the young girlsd carry with glittering dresses .


Everyone is  fond of fashion so you are also  like to play with colors then if you have dark complexion then you should not go with light colors because it can show your hand much black but you should use  bold colors like chocolate brown, maroon, navy blue and dark purple  but if you like  light colors then yellow, golden and   the fair complexion  girls go with any color because  every color can suit on their hands like black, pink ,bold red and pink and in the light color beige, yellow and light pink are great choice.