Never shy to experiment your nails with the new trends of blocking nails with new styles and designs. It is not necessary that if you are a fashionista only then you should think of making your nails paint in different patterns and technique but if you are a simple soul even then you should go with the time. And if you have not tried yet, this is the time to think about it. And it is not very hard to paint your nails in different designs as it may seem to be. Here we will discuss about the matte colors to apply on nails which are trendy.

Different nail paint design in black color;


In this winter rock with black color and with black color outfit apply different designs on nails to make the color look more attractive and nice-looking. Only black color on nails may not satisfy your desire to have trendy nail pain. You can make it so by embellishing the paint with different tools like studs. Beads and rhinestones etc. You can also opt for making contrast of black matte color and shiny black color with the pattern of making blocks on nails. You can use scotch tape for this purpose. Cut the scotch tape in required shape and then paste on nails. Paint the specific area with care then remove it. With this method you can have beautifully designed nail block. A line of black color stud in the midst of the nails will also look awesome.

Burgundy color nail paint;


In this lovely winter you will see burgundy color in trend a lot. And in this season these types of colors look very serene and appealing. With the burgundy color dress you can apply burgundy color nail paint. And you can wear mid rings to decorate your fingers and nail paint too. You can also decorate your nail paint with studs or rhinestone. In the picture shown here burgundy color is looking very regal and further embellishment on nails with crystals and rhinestones are making it worth to see again and again.

Two color contrast for painting the nails;


If you are wearing an outfit with two color contrast then the same scheme is applicable on nails too. Select three of the fingers for one color paint and the remaining fingers for the other colors. In the picture given her black and burgundy color contrast is giving very excellent result. Both colors can make your paint nail look lovelier. Three of the fingers are in burgundy color while one finger in design in unusual pattern. For this paste a scotch tape that is in oval shape and paste on the nails at the mid portion then after applying nail pain remove that. You can decorate one of the fingers with studs that are of black color. This scheme is very much appropriate when you need to go to some party function.

Nail paint design for short nails;


If your nails are short and you think that you cannot apply the modern designs on nails then you are wrong. You can opt for this design shown here. With the help of scotch tape you can make this design. Make also an outline at the edges of the space that is left. Another option is by buffing your nails in pointed shape to give them an elongated effect. Then apply matte black color paint but you can make it more beautiful by designing it in different pattern shown here in the picture.