Latest Fashion of Nail Art:

If you are searching for the innovative nail art designs then my dear ladies & girls you are already on the right place because once again I am going to discuss this fashion but this time for the 2014 summer season. It is the time of playing with nail colors & creating nail design by taking inspiration from the nature, living/non-living things, birds, flowers, animals etc. if you are not so skilled in this art then don’t worry because here I am going to assist with the help of pictures. Read the following ideas.

Polka Dots Bow Ties Nail Art:

1 beautiful nail art for girls collection

Take a look at this very easy & elegant nail art which is created by using three nail colors such as black, white & creamy. First of all creamy color nail polish is applied by leaving the bottom part of nails in a round shape. The bottom part is highlighted by using black color nail polish. Now at this bottom line one bow tie is created o each nail (either by leaving thumb or index finger) by using black nail color. Polka dots are also created by using the black color (again don’t create polka dots either on thumb or index finger). The white color nail polish can be used for creating a flower design on the thumb or index finger (the finger that you leave). Adorn your nails with such an innovative & stylish nail art.

Leopard Nail Art:

2 brown and skin color nail art

Are you wanted to do something adventurous with your nails then I think this leopard prints is perfect idea for you. For created this design you need dark brown & golden color of nail polishes. First, apply golden nail color then use brown color nail polish for creating leopard print by making uneven dots. For the purpose of making your nail art impressive you can use little beads, crystals & pearls.

Tri Color Nail Art for summer:

3 women nail art for summer

Look at this extremely easy nail art. I think you must appreciate it because no effort is required to create it. Simple take three nail colors into different shades. As I select turquoise, peach & golden color combination. Apply turquoise nail, color only on the top part of nails. Then create a thin golden color horizontal line as a finishing line. Now you can choose middle finger as the targeted finger for adding some peach color. Again finishes it with a golden color line. You can use golden color little or tiny beads for adorning the top of nails. Use only one bead on the side of each nail.

Easy Nail Art Design:

4 nice nail art for summer season collection

Are you searching for some extremely classic & stunning inspiration for nail art? Then you must give a deep glimpse on this picture because this is one of the hottest plus newest nail art designs. A combination of chocolate brown, white, pink & turquoise nail colors is used for creating this design. Design is created on the other finger after leaving the preceding finger. I mean to say that one finger such as thumb is adorned only a simple coat of chocolate brown nail color while the index finger is adorned with zigzag, lining & polka dots design then by leaving middle finger the design is created on the ring finger & then only a simple coat of chocolate brown nail color is applied on the little finger.

Summer Nail Art Picture Gallery:

For more inspiration, floral design, color combinations & ideas on nail art you can check out this gallery.  Here you can explore the pink color nail art, purple color nil art, peachy color nail art, glittered nail art, frowzy nail art, flower nail art, wavy nail art & much more. Take a look!