Cartoon Nail Art Ideas with Pictures:

Do you love to watch cartoons? If yes then you will surely like to create your favorite cartoon character on your nails. Do you? Yes of course you will be. Yes you can take nail art inspiration not only from flowers, birds & animals but also from your favorite cartoon series. Do you watch the Pokémon cartoon series? Yes it is a most popular & long running Japanese cartoon series which got fame not only at the national level but also at the international because lots of international channels adapted it. It totally consists of 5 series.

It is a story about a boy whose name is Ash & who want to become a Pokémon master. Ash owns a Pokémon whose name is Pikachu. Pikachu have some special electric powers. At first Pikachu never trust on Ash but later Ash develops his confidence on Pikachu by saving Pikachu from angry Spearow & both became best companions & they both can face any hurdle of life very easily. During the Journey of achieving his goal, Ash got lots of Pokémon & human friends. Ash participates in many Pokémon Leagues. Overall it is a very interesting story with impressive plot.

If you love Pokémon cartoon & the characters of Ash & Pikachu then I am sure that this nail art will surely make you feel happy. It is very easy. For creating Pikachu nail art you need yellow, red, black & white nail colors. Take a look towards the pictures & get ideas!

Pikachu Cartoon Nail Art:


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