Blue Nail Art:

Nail art is a way of enhancing beauty of hands. Nail art is actually a skill. Everyone can never do it in a very well way. It can be done only by those people who are skilful in this art. Some people learn this art from the experts. After trial & error process people become expert in it & can create awesome nail arts by using their mind creativity ability, by taking inspiration from different things that exists into their surroundings & sometimes they have the ability even to create abstract art on nails. For getting best nail art on your Nails you can visit the beauty salon or parlor. Some parlor that offers Mani cure & padi cure services, these parlors also provides best nail art designs.

Nail art can be done by using any nail color but here I am only going to share the blue nail art ideas. Blue is really a very gorgeous color, it seems quite graceful & decent. It has a unique charm & attraction. It is one of my favorite colors. So, from this web page, you are going to view the royal & navy blue color nail art. If you want to combine colors with blue then I think golden, ferozi, silver, pink, white etc are best combinations with blue. Let’s explore different designs!

Striped Nail Art:

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For creating this gorgeous nail art you just need to apply blue nail paint first on all finger nails. Then use the thin golden Tape. This tape is also called striped nail art tape. It can be used for creating stripes on nails as you can see into the above photo!

Flower Nail Art:

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You can take nail art designing inspiration from the flowers. Into the above picture you are viewing flawlessly created flowers with ferozi color nail paint with blue base. A little bit glittered is also added for making it sparkling!

Star Nail Art:

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Go with something unique & cute! Try this star nail art! If you feel that the creation of stars is a tough task then you can use little star stickers on your nails after applying blue nail paint.

Shimmer Nail Art:

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Think about something shimmer on the evening party! Blue color can add a grace into your personality & if it is combined with golden color then it will look quite dreamy & flimsy as you can observe this fact from the above picture!

Henna Inspired Nail Art:

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In eastern countries mostly girls apply mehendi or henna on their hands. They create beautiful designs. They can take inspiration from these designs & can create henna inspired design on nails as shown above.

Nail Art Gallery:

By looking towards the following photo gallery you can get more designing inspiration. These nail art ideas are perfect for wedding functions, parties, festivals, occasional events & even for religious seminars.