Nail Art Ideas for Girls:

Nail art has great importance in order to increase the beauty of your hands. Whether you have long nails or short it never matter the thing that matters for you is that you should apply nail color on your nails very artistically & flawlessly. When you visit a market or a shop then you will find out lots of nail colors. You can buy some nail colors & nail color brushes from the shop. Then you can try these nail art at home. Currently, I am going to share the pink nail art ideas with you. All designs are very easy & simple. So, don’t hesitate to try these designs at your own nails. Take a swift look!

Heart Nail Art:

1 cut pink nail

Bright pink nail color is applied on the nails & then black nail color is used for the creation of little hearts.

Shimmery Nail art:

2 shinning pink nail designs

The pink color shimmery nail color is used on the tips on nails. This nail art is looking quite alluring & sparkling.

Stripes Nail Art:

3 soft pink nail art

Pink nail color is applied on the half nail of each finger except middle finger. The stripe deign is created on the middle finger by using pink, white & light purple nail colors. Golden stripes are also looking impressive.

Lace Design Nail Art:

4 lace style pink nail

First of all, simple pink nail color is applied on each nail & black nail color is used for the creation of this flawless & intricate lace design on each finger nail.

Creative Nail Art Ideas:

Look towards the following pictures & get more ideas!