Easy Nail Art Ideas:

Nail art is getting lots of popularity among the teenage girls. Inspirations can be taken from flowers, animals, birds, cartoons, various shapes & lots of other things from surroundings. If you also like this fashion then you should carry on this article because today we are going to discuss all about step-by-step nail art. So those girls, who never know this art, can learn it by getting help from this article as well as pictures.

Cute Big Toe Nail Art:

1 pink and black nail art ideas step by step

Look at this toe nail design which is created by using pink, black & silver nail colors. Little bead & heart shape pearls are also used. First of all pink nail color is applied on the toe nail. Then black nail color is used on the bottom corner of nail (look towards the picture). Then it is outlined by using silver nail color. Now a pink color bead is used into the center of black nail color. Heart shape little size pearls are used on the left & right side of pink bead. Now it looks like a bow. The design is simple & easy.

Heart Design Nail Art:

2 light pink and black nail art ideas step by step

This is a pink & black color nail art. A heart design is created. By looking towards the above tutorial picture, you can get a very precise idea on how you can create an accurate heart shape.

Red, Peach & Black Nail Art:

3 nail art ideas step by step

Another very easy nail art tutorial is shown into the above picture. For creating it you need three nail colors such as peach, red, & black. Nail stripper. First of all, apply peach nail color as base color. Then use red nail color on the tip of nails as shown into the pictures. Now use nail stripper brush for creating black strips as shown into the picture.

Polka Dots Nail Art:

4 pink nail art ideas step by step

This is also a very simple & easy nail art idea. You need pink nail color, white, yellow & ferozi nail colors. You also need a nail dotter. First apply pink nail color. Now create two diagonal lines of white dots by using nail dotter, then add two lines of dots by using yellow nail color & finally use ferozi color for dots. For this nail art pink matte color is used.

Nail Art Tutorial:

I hope that these step-by-step pictures of various nail art will surely helps you a lot. Always take one point into your mind that is “Think big & do big”. When you keep your thinking positive then you can do lots of thing without any kind of hesitation. Look at some more designs of nail art which are shown below into the gallery!