Girls are going very conscious about the look of each and every single part of their body and every girl struggle hard to find out the trendy things in fashion realm. Different styles and designs in nail paint are going on peak and every fashion enthusiasts like to wear nail paint go perfect with the color of the dress. Without nail paint your hands will look dull and with nail paint you can make your hands lively and attractive.

Not only in weddings and parties but on get together events girls are looking concern about the presentation of their hands and they make different designs to make their nails eye-catching and hands beautiful. If you do not have long nails then use acrylic nails to make it easy to paint nail art. Make your hands more striking and stunning wearing beautiful rings and bracelet. Some of the popular colors nail paint going trendy this year are shown here;

Burgundy color nail paint;


Burgundy nail paint in matte color needs no other thing for embellishment if you just look at the grace that the color brings. Not necessarily you can use this color if you have worn burgundy color outfit but with royal blue color and maroon color outfit try this burgundy color in matte pattern. You must have the art of painting the nails masterly because the more you paint the nail neatly the more it will give classy look. This dark color is suitable for a frosty night function of winter.

Elephant beige color nail paint;


A very decent look to your hands this color will bring. If you use this color nail paint with blush red color dress the contrast will go perfect to make your personality look awesome and sparkling. You can change a simple looking outfit into classy and stylish one with the addition of certain accessories among which nail paint is also included. The selection of right color nail paint with right color of sartorial in a contrasted way will increase the glamorous side of your personality. This color will work for you for both day and night functions. If you are a professional lady then instead of going for too dark shiny color select this elephant beige color in shiny form to make your look nice and pleasant.

Sparkling royal blue color nail paint;


Going for a cocktail party choose this sparking royal blue color with silver, orange and red color outfits. Not only long pointed nails can look gorgeous but medium and small size nails can be made pretty with painting them with attractive colors. Wearing rings and mid rings change the whole look of your hands. With this sparkling royal blue color golden color stud on nail of one of the fingers will further embellish your hands. Irregular shape of nails will diminish the grace of hands so make sure your nails are in equal and regular shape to have best result of nail paint.

Palette green color nail paint;


Wear this palette green color nail paint with black, shocking pink and white color outfit. For a party function or on casual events this color in simple form will give you edgy look. You can have fun with these beautiful playful colors in this winter. As show in the picture this palette green color is looking very attention-grabbing and thrilling. This light color will not only make you stand out in winter but in summer it will look very cool with its soothing effect to eyes.