The trend of nail paint is not new that the ladies are having these days but it came from past even every age reminds us some specific nail color trends. Well it is confirmed that every lady gets her nails painted about once in a week but this age defines the craziest trend of having plenty of nail paint styles. Well nails need to mirror to check out the condition of their beauty, they are in front of you and you overcome all the matters regarding nails beauty. In past there were the age when nails were painted just to allocate the status of specific persons, their standardization was according to the colors and their status was recognized according to that coloring.

In French era, the trend of painting nails was simple but that was a true revolution at that time. Chinese got splendid in this matter, they made nail stains mixing of egg whites, bees wax and vegetable dyes in the early 300 B.C.

If we talk about the last century, the creativity of nail trends were more patterned and on its peak due to increasing significance of nail polish trend. The 50s was the age of classic but with a retro effect, women liked the reds all on nails and nail shapes were mostly oval but short. Similarly, during 1960s ladies were free spirited and have their nail polish according to the taste because of the fashion awareness prevailed in that era but the sophistication was the handful thing for pastels.

1970s was more dramatic and disco nails with a tint of glitters were all in all and also the punk and gothic group came into the scene so punk and dark nail trend emerged in that time. 80s was the time when ladies moved towards the nail shapes especially square.

French manicure also attracted the ladies in past but with short and medium nails, with white tips and nature base of nails women looked more sober than ever and you can see that girls who know their worth are also having French manicure these days especially the Kate Middleton is exemplary for her flawless nails and hands. This was the biggest craze of ladies during 90s decade.

And coming towards the modern age we can say that all the past fashion of nail paint has merged into modern fashion, the girls are stress free to take any of designing with natural, acrylic or plastic nails. The crafting over nails are becoming trendy more and more and world is really obsessed for lady gaga who is the inventive lady to introduce nail art trend. Pointy, oval, square, short, simple, natural and all the nails are stylish these days. If this is summer, the girls tend towards bright, pastel and vibrant nail paint and if it is winter the dark but influential style designing of nails are more sophisticate. Well if you want to see the pictures then cursor down to have a look of different trends observed in the past times.

•    Ever beautiful and charming lady Dianna in red nail paint

1. Nail Color Trends Through the Decades

•    The trend of red nail polish during 1950 for ladies with matched red lipstick

2. Nail Color Trends Through the Decades

•    Trends of nail polish in the 1960

3. Nail Color Trends Through the Decades

•    The French manicure with simple, natural and medium nails

4. Nail Color Trends Through the Decades

•    Disco nail paint trend for fashion ladies of 70s

5. Nail Color Trends Through the Decades

•    Pastel color renovation of nails in 80s

6. Nail Color Trends Through the Decades

•    Silver glittery nail polish for the crazy women in past

7. Nail Color Trends Through the Decades

•    Neon nail polish was really classy and chic in the last decade of 20th century

8. Nail Color Trends Through the Decades

•    Simple, short and natural nail trend in the past

9. Nail Color Trends Through the Decades

•    Short black and dark nails were really trendy for punk followers in past

10. Nail Color Trends Through the Decades