Nail Art Fashion:

Nail art is one of those trends which are getting a very rapid popularity among the new generation. Mostly girls are very crazy about this art. They like to create something new & innovative on their nails whether hands or toe it never matters. Various people who have great interest in painting can do it very easily. The girls who know how to make tattoos can also do it accurately.  Similarly, the Pakistani & Indian girls who know how to apply henna or mehendi on hands or feet can also learn this art very easily. On this page I am going to share some two tone glittered nail art ideas with you. All are very easy to apply. Nail art can be created by using various colors of nail polishes (simple, glittered shimmery, matte etc) & then adorned by using  beads, crystals, pearls, rhinestones etc. you just need to look & deeply observe the following pictures & then get ideas. Try it at home.

Silver & Blue Glitter Toe Nail Art:

1 Two-Tone Glitter Toes nail art 3

Look at this picture in which a two tone toe nail art is created by using simple blue nail polish & silver glitter nail polish. First apply blue nail color & use sticker for creating a triangular shape as shown into the picture. Put this sticker on your nail & then apply silver glittered nail polish.

Blue & Dark Beige Hand Nail Art:

2 Two-Tone Glitter handnail art 2

Look at this another very simple & easy hand nail art which is created only by using navy blue & beige glitter nail polishes. It is one of the very simplest nail art designs. So you should try it at home.

Golden & Silver Toe Nail Art Idea:

3 golden and silver Glitter Toes nail art

What do you say about this golden & silver toe nail art? For creating this nail art you just need golden & silver color glittered nail colors. Now divide your each nail into two equal parts vertically. Fill one part with silver & other with golden glitter nail color.

Purple & Ferozi Hand/Toe Nail Art:

4 blue and purple Glitter Toes nail art

Look towards the above picture in which hand & toe nail art idea is shown. It is again very simple. You just need ferozi & purple color glitter nail polishes & then apply both as shown into the above picture.

Hand & Toe Nail Art Ideas:

Overall, in this collection you can explore both hand & toe nail art ideas. Some more ideas are shown below into the picture gallery. You just need to click on each picture.