Girls passionately sought after the new designs of nail art and this fashion is increasing day by day. New and amazing designs have attracted girls a lot and now girls desire to try every new and different design of nail art.

Here we are going to tell you about another fabulous nail art designing and that is feather nail art. With this designing you can make your hands look eye-catching and attention-grabbing. Feather nail art will make not only your hands look beautiful and lovely but it will compliment to your demeanor.

Small size feathers on nails will give you awesome and amazing look and you will love to look at your hands again and again. What you are is not important but the way you carry your self is important. If you think your hands are not

so pretty then you can do the manicure and with making a nice-looking nail art you can give outstanding look to your hands. Feather nail paint designing is one of those designing that will give you very mod and fabulous look. Some of the feather designs are here for you:

Black and skin color nail paint:

Black color nail paint is looking chocolate classy and with shimmery style it is looking stunning. Skin color paint designing with feather designing is looking superb and actually making the nail paint of other fingers more captivating. On skin color nail paint black feathers are looking very beautiful. It is peacock feather and it is looking very nice and amazing.

Aqua color nail paint with different designing:

Have wonder-struck look with this aqua color nail paint and give outstanding look to your hands. This color is exuding very nice and refreshing vibes to surroundings and this nail paint designing will look alluring in summer. On he first finger love words is written with black color nail paint.

Other fingers are painted with aqua color and black feathers are made on one finger that is looking very cool. Polka dots of white color are also looking wonderful. You can make this designing at the time of going to get together function or beach party.

Nude pink color nail paint with shimmery feathers:

Wear this nude pink color nail paint and making these shimmery feathers you can make your hands look striking and startling. Nude pink color has its own shine and black feathers décor with feathers are looking very charming. Two of the fingers are décor with sequins embellishment and this art of nail paint is worth to do for party function and for weddings.

Boho inspired feather nail pint designing:

This nail art designing will make you exude boho chic vibes and the style is looking very different and unique. Number of feathers on nails is looking wonder-struck with white color nail paint that is making the designing more prominent. If you are wearing white color outfit then you can bring colors to your personality with this nail art designing.