Peshawar Attack 16-Dec 0013
Black day in history of Pakistan:

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On 16 December 2014, a hideous crime in history of Pakistan was committed by Tehreek-e-Taliban. All humanity was shamed at this attack in which Pakistan lost more than 150 causalities including little innocent Childs of Army Public School and its courageous staff.

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A great wave of grief and anger was spread not only in Pakistan but also in whole world. Tahreek-e-Talaban attacked at Army Public School and killed innocent Childs (between the age of8 to 18) according to their devilish program.

It was morning of 18 December 2014 when school’s students were gathered in auditorium which was located in the center of school for first aid training. At same time 6 gunmen entered in the school from the back gate of Scholl in uniform and fired on the student openly. According to the major General Asim Bajwa, gunman was not intended to any hostage rather they were committed to kill as much children as they can. They killed the little children including school stuff and principle Tahira Qazi.


SSG team reached at school and tried their best to prevent more causalities. After attack in auditorium, Gunman moved to the administrative block and one of them was killed near the auditorium. Three gunmen were killed by the snipers and remaining three gunmen were killed by commandos. The gunmen were in contact with their leaders and attack planners but after security forces’ enter, their connection become over.

The 6 gunmen were foreigners one was Chechen, three Arabs and three from Afghanistan. Tahreek-e-taliban took the responsibility of this hideous attack and declared it a reaction of Zarb-e-Azb (Pakistan’s military operation in North Waziristan). Muhammad Omar Khorasani said that we killed the children f military officers because they attacked at our families and we want to make fell them shame pain. He also declared that gunmen were in contact with when they entered and attacked at school.

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A man places a rose after lighting candles in front of portraits of the victims of the Taliban attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar, during a candlelight vigil in Lahore December 19, 2014. At least 132 students and nine staff members were killed on Tuesday when Taliban gunmen broke into the school and opened fire, witnesses said, in the bloodiest massacre the country has seen for years. REUTERS/Mohsin Raza (PAKISTAN - Tags: CRIME LAW EDUCATION CIVIL UNREST) - RTR4IQCA
Whole Pakistani nation was in great gloom at this day. At social media this grief’s was expressed through celebrating Black Da. At internationals level this act of shame was condemned severely. Whole humanity was in great gloom and expressed their grief by lighting of candles. They pay great tribute to the martyrs of Saniha-e-Peshawar.

Rtoday one year has been completed to this attack and this unfulfilled lose but its gloom is still as sever and hurting as it was before one year. Whole nation is sharing the misery and pain of victimized families who lost their little flowers in this attack. The surface of that Childs cannot forget in history of Pakistan and they have proved that Pakistan is nation of courageous people whose even Childs can face the biggest anarchy and our smiles are much greater than the guns.

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