Hum TV drama Mann Mayyal:

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Mann Mayyal is assumed as one of most popular and high ranking drama serial of 2016, which is aired on HUM TV at last of January 2016. Story is an expression of two total different life styles which are existing in Pakistan. High sterilized, well manner and religious family of Mannu (Maya Ali & Hamza Ali Abbasi) is quite different from, the elite, hypocrite, detached and extremely mode family of (Mikaeel and Iffti). Story is about the life a young simple girl Manahil and her neighborhood person who is also his tutor Salahuddin ( Hamza Ali Abbasi), story is revolves around their fate of love. Manahil and Salahuddin develop a mutual likeness for each other but their pure love meets with failure due to social status of both families. Manahil’s family is somewhat wealthy and bound in traditions and join family system while Salahuddin is living simple and respectable life with her sister.

Production team of drama:

Drama was collectively created and produced by Momina Duraid, Sana Shahnawaz, Samina Humayun Saeed & Tariq Shah, written by Samria Fazal and directed by Hasseb Hssan. Drama was initially entitled as Tera Ghum aur Hum & Dil-e-jaanam . Under the Duraid’s production’s company, drama was first aired on Hum TV as part of night programming. Story of drama s based upon 24th episodes. It is permitted in Pakistan, UK, UAE and USA at same timing and day.

Caste of drama:

In main cast of drama we have:

Maya Ali as (Manahil, Mannu)
Hamza Ali Abbasi as (Salahuddin)
Ayesha Khan as (Jeena)
Gohar Rasheed as (Mikaeel)

Supporting characters we watched in drama:

Aiman Khan as (Rabia, Beya “Salahuddin’s sister”)
Saba Hameed as (Silah “Manahil’s mother)
Naeem Tahir as (Javed “Manahil’s father”)
Talat Hussain as (Rehman “Ifftii’s father”)
Abdul Vasay Chaudhry as (Iffti “Salahuddin’s friend)
Shehryar Zaidi as (Salahuddin’s father)
Ismat  Zaidi as Sultana (Salahuddin’s Mother)
Laila Zuberi as Rahila (Mikaeel’s mother)
Mehmood Asalm as Shahaab (Mikaeel’s father)
Arjumand Rahim as (Cookie “iftti’s wife)
Saleem Mairaj as ( Jameel “iffti’s servsant)

Timing and location:

It is aired on Hum TV on every Monday at 8: pm. Mann Mayyal is set in remote areas of Karachi and Hyderabad, Sind. Historic buildings are preferred to express the traditional living style of well mannered Muslim families.

Plot of story:

Mann Mayyal is story of simple religious girls Manahil who is belonging from traditionally rigid family. She falls in love with her tutor Salahuddin, who is elder brother of her best friend Rabia, Beya. Unfortunately both these true lovers separated due to family barrier and fate. Manahil marries to Mikaeel, who is cards player, stubborn, emotionless, self centered selfish and arrogant person. He has no concern with Manahil, her feelings rather he always mocks of her simplicity, use insulting words for her and pay 0 attentions towards her. Before Manahil’s wedding she introduced her fiancée with her tutor where Mikaeel guessed the nature of relationship between Manahil and Salahuddin and later taunts at her character in front of his father and mother. Manahil saas and susar are cooperative and understanding and support Manahil at Mikaeel’s inhuman behavior. At other hand after wedding f Manahil, Salahuddin lefts Karachi for job in private firm of his friend Iffti where he meets with her rude, impolite and fraud type wife (Cookie) his father who is suffering from cancer (Rehman and their servant (Jameel). Salahuddin and Rehman developed mutual understanding and spend very affectionate time with each other. After death of Rehman, Salahuddin comes to now that he found major part of Rehman’s legacy and become a rich person. Further story develops and 3 years passed, now Salahuddin is rich business man and Manahil is mother is one child and expecting for 2nd. After becoming rich, Salahuddin tries to infer in Manahil’s life and come to know about her husband’s tortured behavior and his sick activities. Salahuddin sends her mother and sister at Manahil’s home and send some gift for her and her baby but Manahil returns all gifts by using harsh words for Salahuddin. At delivery of Manahil’s 2nd child, Mikaeel treats her very inhumanely and it was Salahuddin who manages all things for Manahil’s operation.  From the story of drama we can take it as a story of simple, happy girl who turns to wretched and miserable girl due to failure of her love and behavior of her husband.

Title song:

Song of drama is composed by Shuja Hyder, he also set the theme of music for this drama. Its OST is sung by Qurat-ul-Ain Blouch and background score is done by MAD music. First half of the OST was released on 23 January while final title of drama as Mann Mayal and next half of track was released on February 1, 2016.

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