Clothes or dresses are always used according to the season or weather, people wear the garment according to the weather, thick and warm clothes are used for winters in order to protection from the cold and lightweight stuffs are used in warmer months.

Same should be done with the colors, dark colors are best for colder months because they absorb the light, produce more heat and we feel warm by wearing dark colors. Light colors reflect the light so they are perfect for summers to feel cool, furthermore light colors clothes look softer and cooler.

Light colored, lightweight and loose fitting dresses afford more protection from the sun, best for promoting the absorption of sweat and you stay cooler because air passes through the body. Particularly white color is associated with coolness.

Lightweight stuff as cotton and linen are the top choice for hot weather because these are the breathable material, absorb sweat and quickly dry.

Combination of peach and white is looking very good in this shirt, peach is one of the most popular color for the summer season ahead is a soft and sweet shade. Visually refreshing as well as energy-giving, it creates eye-catching combination with white, green and black or with various prints and designs.

Peach color exudes a refreshingly cool summer air; a striking color blend that is sure to get you noticed is that of peach and white color. Try a soft peach and white combination tucked in shirt with white tight jeans and hold a peach color handbag for a perfect look.

Blue color flared mini skirt with white polka dot print is combined with sleeveless plain white shirt looking so beautiful. Wear a light colored hat will further limit sun exposure and keep you cooler.

A neutral and timeless hue yet elegant and classy is the light pink, it is a safe choice which can be used as a base color. It goes well with cool shades as well as white and other light and dark colors too. it is ideal for special occasions but can be worn for a more casual look such as denim shorts or flattering sack dress.

Wear pink and white button down striped shirt with light blue denim shorts, mustard color waist belt, match to the hand bag and sandals for casual occasions and this outfit can be used for college too.

Shades of green are calm and soothing as well as associated with nature and the outdoors and that’s why green is one of summer’s most popular shades. If you are really overwhelmed during finals week, then add green color to your outfit and you might feel more relaxed.

Just see the picture and get the idea about summer dressing, wear off the shoulder top in white base with green and blue print with your white denim jeans, hold a brown color leather bag in your hand and your footwear should be match to your bag, a perfect look for a seaside picnic with your friends or spouse.

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