Summer season is a good season for wearing the stylish and short dresses because it keeps us away from the scorching sunlight and irritation in the dresses the choice of girls never remain same it is changed and changed according to the time and fashion and it is a wish of everyone

that he look trendy and unique than all the others .top and shorts, miniskirts, short frocks, one piece, romper, tunic and the vest for the gorgeous look these dresses are for the formal , semi formal and the casually .rainbow dresses are the good for the summer seasons  because it is so colorful and  attractive because in the summer .

when rain start and in the center of the rain when sun appears  seven natural  colors  are made on the sky that called rainbow  and the girls like this thing very much  so the designer has taken the idea to  make the dresses according to these colors.

so if you want to look fabulous wear these dresses in the summer and make your summer colorful wear these dresses in the parties, school colleges function , club nights ,casually  and on beach parties so  select anyone dress .

Striped short dress:

1. Summer rainbow short dresses

Striped dresses look very beautiful and gorgeous when these are in the colorful way  multi shaded lines are on the dress  with short sleeves  full fitted and the green belt is used in the center of dress wear this dress for your casual look with this dress carry high heel white sandal and the jewelry  with blush pink lipstick and the high bun in summer if you are going to do shopping or any walk outside.

Dark shaded colorful frock:

2. Summer rainbow short dresses

In the summer dark and light color look so gorgeous because some like to go with light and some like to wear the dark  but here the dark shaded  bow knot style mini frock  that is in strapless style  bodice is made in the dark color and a top knot style whenever the bottom is  fully lining this dress is for the  prom parties, birthday parties  and many other formal events with it wear the rainbow style footwear  and the  natural make up .

One piece zipper dress:

3. Summer rainbow short dresses

In the rainbow style dresses many dresses are carried by the girls it is in the lining, digital printed, tiger printed, shell style and many other here the snake body style on the dress one piece full fitted dress fully zipper strapless the shells are in very colorful style with this dress apply the black nail paint and peep toe black high heel pumps with black stone embedded jewelry and the pink lipstick it is for the school or colleges parties.

Boho style in summer:

4. Summer rainbow short dresses

In summer not only the common girls rather all the boho and the universities girls can wear the rainbow dresses  light colors are used in the romper  under the romper wear the basic and the  shorts in the white color and then romper  with this dress wear the colorful multi sandal  and the  jewelry  the boho girls And the Emo all  can wear these dresses leave your hair open and attend the parties.

Colorful tunic:

5. Summer rainbow short dresses

The tunic and the vest are the best for the fully irritation season  the girls who are wearing on the beach parties and the sea side areas they can carry the  sleeveless vest style  tunic whirlpool are  made in the rainbow colors  with the high heel sky blue sandal and the light natural make up  with antique style jewelry  and the messy pony tail for the fabulous summer look.

Street style looks:

6. Summer rainbow short dresses

In the all seasons girls like to go with street style and the other trendy style now the street style is very common among the girls so wear the colorful lining dress in one piece style short sleeves with round neckline wear the pendent locket.

And the royal blue color high heel sandal  with the simple jewelry and the pouch in the red color with pink nail paint and wavy curls for the fabulous look  this dress can be carried in the evening parties, birthday parties and the  get together.