Cake looks very nice to cut on happy occasion when you feel pleased. On Valentine’s Day when you are going to spend a great time with your lover or beloved it is very essential to do cake cutting ceremony together to celebrate the special occasion. You must arrange a delicious cake with amazing look that look special to your partner and could make him feel happy. Not only the taste counts but the way it is designed also matter a lot.

Cake should look valentine cake and you can make it nice-looking and tempting topping the cake with different things like artificial pieces, diy felt heart, roses and heart shape designing can be done to décor the cake. Do not take the importance to décor the cake for granted but be careful about each and every thing about this valentine day. How you can top your cake, ideas are here for you:

Floral and heart shape designing to décor cake:

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Two hearts made on cake will give a very lovely look and if these are in metal of golden color then you can make them stand with the help of wood on the cake and also top the cake with floral designing that you can do with cream. White color cream can be used to make flowers on cake for making it tempting and attractive. A very delicate and sweet look your cake will give out and you will feel amuse to cut and eat such adorable and nice-looking cake.

Large cake to express your love:

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This large cake is looking alluring from its look and you will see an amazing smile on the face of your beloved. Your beloved will feel very happy and overjoyed looking such amazing large cake topped with floral designing that is done on one side of the cake and also place alphabets on which you can write love. On white color cake red color alphabets with shine will look adorable and definitely this style is going to mesmerize your partner. Small angels with flutes in their hand s are looking very romantic and this cake is looking very suitable for valentine day.

Wood heart cake toppers:

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To make your cake look cute and fabulous you can top it with wood hearts that can be used in large numbers to decor cake. These sticks with hearts made of wood can be made eye-catching with different designing ion it. Or you can buy these sticks to make your valentine cake more amazing and lovely. These hearts will make the cake full of love and the cake will present a very pleasant look. Place a heart at the center of the cake and the whole cake will really look for a special one.

Fondant cake topper:

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Fondant cake topper is the favorite of many people and especially girls like this idea a lot. A lovely couple sitting in full mood of love will describe your inner feelings for each other. Different kinds of fondant you can have to top the cake. Must consider this idea if you are an ideal couple.

Heart shape topper for cake:

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Heart shape topper looks amazing and gives a lovely look to cake. Cake topped with icing heart will give cake another dimension from being simple to really look like a valentine day cake that is fir a special person. These are the things to add in your valentine moments to make that sweet and full of love.