Valentine’s Day is very near to us and the people are very conscious about to celebrate this day because this day is made for two lovers they share their emotions and the feelings with  their special ones the card delivered , cake cutting candle light dinner gifts exchanging and the  balloons are blowing in the   air .black and red dresses are carried by the  girls and the  specially cakes are made for the valentine’s day these cakes are not made for the  boy friend or girl friend  rather you can give it to any one like your  mother ,father ,sister and your any lovely  person.

Some cakes are in the chocolate flavor and some are in the ice cream flavor .on the cake you can write your favorite messages and the quotation  on the cake and with the cake give the presents and the  cards for the wishing the others. Valentine’s Day is very good day and when the February is start the young generation become excited for celebrating this day  so stay with us and see the cake ideas for  this valentines and take some ideas to décor the cake .

Heart shaped cake:

1. Valentine’s Day cake decor ideas

Valentine  day is  day for the  sharing of your love  because on that day you can give  the other your heart nearest thing  and here we are talking about cake which is  very beautiful in the heart shaped because there is no better thing than the heart  so if you are  going to your girlfriend house and want to give cake  then make the strawberry cream cake  icing of this cake with strawberry and the chocolate  bunties on it with the heart and  write the be my valentine  and  in this style another cake is also good this is for the newly couple  fully pink icing and the shaping of the cake is also in pink with the chocolate chips  and red roses are made with fondant  you can cut it on the valentine day.

Valentine cake for parents:

2. Valentine’s Day cake decor ideas

Valentine’s day is not only the day for those who are married  and in the relation of girlfriend boyfriend rather it is the day for the lovers a person who love to other that can present any good so the cake  is very nice it is in the heart shaped style  mostly parents like the ice cake so the white color icing cake with the crush cream  strawberry jelly  on the  on the edges of the cake with the flowers  and the chocolate strap with I love you statement with feel them special on this day  in the heart style huge size  heart shaped cake multi layered in  the floral  style is looking very beautiful you can  decorate it with  the lace and the candles.

Cake with berries and the bunties:

3. Valentine’s Day cake decor ideas

There are many styles cakes which are eaten by the people with the bunties, marshmellows and the chocolate filling  with the white cream and the  chocolate wafers on it you  can give it to your teachers  and your friends because they really like the bunties and the chocolates  with the  berries and these berries are covered with the  icing sugar. In the bunties style you can  make the heart  cake and make the boundary with the chocolate dips  means walls are made with chocolate and in the center put the heap of bunties with the ribbons.

Cake for the weddings:

4. Valentine’s Day cake decor ideas

On the 14 February the weddings are organized because many lovers want to arrange their special day on this loving day because this day will always remind in their mind so the cake for the newly couple and for the bride and groom the blush red color cake in the heart shape  the side is embellished with the white tiny flowers  and the white fake style big flowers are on the cake making you cake beautiful  simple white fondant with the side  ruffle style heart is looking so decent and relish white fully fluffy cake is very  tasty  with the little crunches and the  large size bunties on the overall cake  with heart shape  cream on the  cake  one is for the groom and the second is bride.