Rose includes among the very sweet scent & beautiful flowers. Generally, it comes in various colors such as in white, black, yellow, pink as well as in red. This flower is available in various shades as well as in different sizes. But the demand for red roses is very high than any other. It is the symbol of love, beauty, fidelity, perfection & romance. Most commonly it is said that red roses are used to express the feeling of love for the other person. Usually red roses are given only those people whom you love & care very much, the people who you have great respect, esteem, admiration & value for.

Red Rose & Valentine’s Day both are related with each other in such a way that one looks incomplete without the other. It is also popular that when you give only one rose to someone special then it signifies your love for him/her. In the same way dozen of roses shows gratitude & thankfulness while if you buy a bouquet made with fifty roses then it show your absolute & unconditional love for the other person. It is also famous that a bouquet, which is made by using twenty-five roses, shows your best wishes, many happy returns & congratulations for the other person.

If you want to express your romantic sentiments & love for a special person then I suggest you that red rose are very significant & precious gift for this. A single red rose has a power to elicit a positive response from the special person. You can also use a red rose bouquet to articulate your deep feelings of love.

Frequently it is also said that bright red shade rose shows love while dark burgundy color roses shows the feeling of lifeless & unconscious love.  Avoid the withered (dry and shriveled) red flower because it signifies the end of love or convey the message of love is over now. Always try to give fresh red roses on Valentine’s Day.

About: Valentine’s Day
Topic: Significance of Red Rose
Collection of: Flowers
Flower Name: Rose
Color: Red
Signifies: Love & Passion

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