On this Valentine’s Day what you have planned to do? Must be full of love and romance as valentine day is about romance. Among different romantic things must include making a tattoo on your body and demonstrate your lover or beloved how much you love her or him.

This will make you feel a lot of pin but you have must listen this no gain without pain so to win the heart of your partner if you have to pass through this painful thing must do this with closing your eyes thinking about him or her happiness. So exchanging of gifts is very usual thing make some unusual thing and give a surprise to your lover/beloved with making awesome tattoos on part of your body. Different designs are shown here to give you ideas:

Inscribe some love quote on body:

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To inscribe something on the neck is lovely thing to do. About love if you love any quotation you can write that on body. This doing is great for the sake of entertainment. If you want to make this valentine day memorable inscribe these words and show to your friends. This will make you inspirational for others and not only lovers but the people who have no partner you can make this design. And especially the people who are obsessed with love can make this design to show others what they think about love.

Heart shape designing on shoulder:

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This way of inscription on shoulder will look adorable while you wear off-shoulder or one-shoulder dress. This is done on shoulder and looking very prominent making the whole body look nice and attractive. This eagle inspired tattoo is for bold girls who like to overcome others. Not in black but in other colors the tattoo is looking magnificent. With this designing you can add beauty to your dress and body and can look center of attention.

A simple heart designing on body:

A simple sweet and decent designing can be made on body. On hand or feet you can make a small size heart and this heart will give you very chic and stylish look. Different designing in hearts ill look very nice. With black color heart you can fill it with red color. Do this different thing that you had not done before and dedicate it to your love. This design is also good for people who cannot tolerate pain so they can make this design and it will look very cute for innocent girls.

Two tattoos on arm and hand:

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These tattoos will amaze you with the classy look that these are giving. The floral designing is looking very pleasant and in this style that is shown in the picture it is looking excellent. If you are a nature lover you can make this floral design and heart design on hand.

This designing is looking very outclass and attractive. The heart is made more attractive with eagle and floral designing on it. Making of this red rose is very significant for Valentine’s Day so this option is great for you. Have this wonderful designing on your body and make your personality lovely and also lively.

The inscription of love on body:

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This way of making tattoo by writing love is also a doable thing. You can dedicate this to your love. Make this valentine special for your partner by doing special things for him/her. This inscription is looking very enthralling and will make your partner feel full of love and respect for you.
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