Engagement is a pre-wedding function in which boy and girl get committed with one another. It is a very pleasant experience for both the boy and the girl. The only way to catch all those precious moments and have them in store is through pictures. These pictures will ever remind you the loveliest moments of your life. Photography is an art and it is important for the photographer to tell you such pose that can make you and your partner happy. For this purpose you do not need to struggle a lot but just behave the way you are. If you are having a perfect compatibility with your partner then it will be a great fun for you. Different styles that you can make for photography are described here;

Write something for each other and show;


First of all write about the sentiments and feelings for each other. Show these comments in the camera and then you can have in record what you were thinking about each other at that time. Get out of the close room. The picture shown here is looking very nice and it is also showing the scene of greenery plains. The imagery is what making you feel free and happy away from all troubles and problems and making you engrossed in the joyful moment of the time.

Look at each other showing ring in camera;


After the ring ceremony show our love to mutual love looking into the eye of each other. You can also show your rings into the camera. Or if the only bridal shows her finger it will look lovely.  These pictures should be like any one could guess about the time when the picture was taken. As the picture shown here is well describing the moment and situation during which it is taken. Girl is looking very happy with her engagement and both are showing their love for each other with their childish behavior.

Joyful activities;


In the picture shown here the couple is looking very happy and decent. The boy is holding the girl in her arms depicting that he is ready to take the responsibility of the girl and will take care of her in every thick and thin situation. The girl is looking like she has entrusted her to that boy. These kinds of activities will describe a lot about your love and thoughts for each other so be careful for the photographs and do not underestimate the power of these pictures.

Show rings with facial expressions;


This gesture is amazing and besides you whoever will see the picture, these will be a great entertainment for them to view these pictures in positive way. Giving strange expression in the picture make your pictures look different and unique. Look at this picture the expressions of boy and girl is amazing. Both are showing their rings with the expression of puzzlement as they are shocked and confused what has happened to them. Or it may also seem in this context that they were busy looking at each other and someone has disturbed them so they are showing their rings to warn others that they are now officially committed.

Groom holding the hand of the bride;

This is one of the best pose to make your picture the best one. Girls really love this expression and gesture of man to take her hands in his hand and express his feelings for her. This picture is speaking a lot and really the expression you make hold a great significance. It describes your inner feelings and thoughts for the other person and for the present situation. Have joy in your engagement ceremony and try to capture different styles and pos that can tell the viewer about your unspoken happiness for the moment.