Wedding Birdcage:

As we know that a cage that is used for birds is called a bird cage but when it comes to wedding then from wedding birdcage we mean a cage that is used into the decoration of a wedding event. It is most widely used into the western weddings.

Wedding Birdcage Card Holder:

In wedding events, the birdcages are also used as wedding card holders. So, you can also use this accessory when you are going to organize a wedding ceremony of your friend, cousin or a person.

Birdcage Wedding Centerpieces:

More specifically, these birdcages are used as centerpiece into a table decoration of a wedding function. You can choose a birdcage style, designs & color according to your wedding theme.

Vintage Wedding Birdcage:

In the following picture you can explore the vintage style of birdcages for wedding decoration.

Little Size Birdcage:

Mostly little size of bird cages are used for placing on the tables. So, in to this collection you can find mostly little & medium size of wedding birdcages.

Champagne Wedding Birdcage Card Box:

In this collection you can explore champagne birdcage card boxes also.

Birdcage in Wedding Decoration:

Birdcages can be used in lots of different ways into a wedding decoration as I described earlier that it is used as centerpiece, as a card holder plus it is also used for decorating trees especially when you are arrange your wedding reception into a garden or in an open natural environment.  You can hang a birdcage on the branches of a tree. I am sure that it will create a very dreamy atmosphere.

Floral Wedding Birdcage:

Into the following pictures you can see the some birdcages are very beautifully decorated with natural flowers & bouquets. These are called floral wedding birdcages & the idea of flower based birdcages is also most widely used into the wedding decoration.

White Color Wedding Birdcage:

One most important point about this wedding birdcage collection is that mostly white, ivory & off-white color cages are included because white weddings are mostly common into the west & they demand white birdcage that’s mostly white color is in into this collection. The black & golden colors are also here. You can choose your favorite color o the color that goes best with your wedding theme.

1 beautiful wedding birdcage

2 Decorated wedding birdcage

3 wedding birdcage collection 2014

4 birdcage vintage wedding decor

5 amazing floral wedding birdcage

6 collection of wedding birdcage

7 white color wedding birdcage in pink flower