For western wedding traditions it is also included to décor a basket to hand it over to flower girl who walks toward aisle ahead to the bride scattering the flower petals to adorn the way for beautiful couple. It can be put to the tables to enhance the decorated beauty of wedding tables. While somewhere bridals and bride maids are handed over these baskets for matching with dress. Besides its significance to a wedding we can say this it is important decorative item in wedding that looks charming in flower girl hand or to bride maids.
Your wedding is ahead and you do not have any idea to decor the basket then I will tell you that how you can decorate this beautiful thing for your wedding. It’s up to you that what type and shape you want my ideas are best to décor it simply but gently that look amazing in flower girl hand. Mostly these baskets are decorated with matching the dress color and fabric that’s why you may apply the theme to these baskets too. Ribbons, floral and lace decorations are fit for these baskets. On the other hand for gleamy effect add some spruce of sparkly stones or beads to basket to make it the centre of attraction.
Let’s come to attain some ideas of adorning baskets for wedding that is surely a best essential for every bride. Have a look and grab the ideas to décor your wedding basket.

1.    Awesome decoration of wedding basket, decorating the handle with golden pearls and overall net lace fabric while the tulle flowers you can make easily to set aside of the basket.

1. basket decoration ideas for wedding

2.    Fill the jasmine flowers to basket lower part and cover the both sides with ribbon bow. For handle you can adorn any radiant silver lace that is made of stones and beads.
2. basket decoration ideas for wedding

3.    Take a white basket and roll out the beaded lines of thread to basket and tuck any kind of flowers of your choice to the both sides of basket. It’s up to you if you want to use ribbon make a statement of ribbon bow with flowers that will surely look beautiful.
3. basket decoration ideas for wedding

4.    Twist the ribbon to roll out it to basket and use same color designed laces to beautify on the basket.
4. basket decoration ideas for wedding

5.    Shiny golden embellishments you can use for your wedding basket like in the picture given below with Asian decoration style.
5. basket decoration ideas for wedding

6.    Cute pink fabric decorated basket décor with ribbons and silk satin fabric while the tulle frill is looking fabulous to give lining to wedding basket.
6. basket decoration ideas for wedding

7.    Tie a knot to the ribbon white bow at basket and net fabric used to give it charm that can be amazing for bridal and the flower girl too.
7. basket decoration ideas for wedding

8.    Sophisticate and ivory basket decoration idea simply with the fabric decoration and the golden beads tucked at the handle.
8. basket decoration ideas for wedding

9.    With a different touch you may décor your basket with this cool idea of only using lace upon the red fabric that will look extra ordinary and give a fabulous touch to the simple decoration you can make at home.
9. basket decoration ideas for wedding

10.    Beautiful ivory baskets the only addition that is making these more than wow is the silver rhinestones you can spread to whole basket decoration upon fabric cover and the ribboned bow.
10. basket decoration ideas for wedding

11.    Colorful idea of sprucing colors to basket by giving elegant touch with decent color silk fabric and dark purple ribbons at sides while colorful flowers can also work well.

11. basket decoration ideas for wedding