The gorgeous head band made with two metallic plates that are filled with small rhinestones in a sequence, looking simple but attractive a lot. A stunning metallic flower made brooch is attached in the side of the band. This brooch is made with fantastic white and golden stones in a studded manner. This headband can be used with golden, cooper, and red color in the wedding.


This headband is made with floral fresh flowers, provide lovely look to the bride. Beautifully decorated with handcraft and enhance the attractiveness of the wearer. This can be worn on the forehead or on the top of the head. This type of headband can be used with all type dresses and make the hair graceful.


This headband is made with beaded flower lace in a superb design with soft white color. Flowers are made with floral pattern and provide a classy look to the wearer. This headband is made with elastic and so easy to wear.


This headband is beautifully created with silver metallic and filled with abundance of small stones in a floral design, and make you charming in the wedding, grand parties, or home functions.