Wedding Tote Bags Ideas:

In western countries arranging a wedding is not an easy task. You need to pay attention from larger things to smaller things. Only booking a wedding hall with food menu, inviting guests, & selection of dresses, footwear, jewelry is not enough because these all tasks are directly related from the wedding day. But what you think about your look before one week of wedding? I mean when one or two weeks left in your wedding then you still need to wear something that can show that you are a bride-to-be or you need to choose such accessories that can depicts that you will be going to become a bride soon. In short words I want to say that you also need to pay attention towards your pre-wedding looks.

Handbag or shoulder is one of those accessories that have become very necessary for women. So, a girl whose marriage is expected into the upcoming days or weeks therefore I think she should use a special design of handbag or shoulder bag. When you go outside either for shopping of your wedding clothes or for meeting your friends then I think you should use a “bride” bag. So, today, here I bring wide variety of exclusive bride’s bags in tote style.

Tote style actually allows you to insert more things into the bag. When you wedding is near then you need to keep lots of things into your bag such as a mirror, a lip gloss (so that you can make your lips soft & pinkish by applying it again & again), SPF (for protecting your skin from SUN rays), money (for wedding shopping), filer, water bottle (so that you can hydrate your skin & improve your digestive system) etc. So, tote is just a perfect style for keeping lots of necessary things.

Here I am not talking about casual tote bags but here I am going to reveal special designs of bride tote bags ideas. Take a look & explore the ideas!

Black Color Tote Bags:

1 black color bride bags

These bags are just perfect for enjoying your all pre-wedding festivities. You can find a black bag with white “bride” tag or a black bag with shimmery golden studs’ decoration as you can view into the above picture. Sometimes it happens that a bride like to go on shopping with her bridesmaids so it is preferable for you to buy a complete set of wedding tote bags. Offer your bridesmaids to use these special bags instead of typical bags. When you buy a special set of tote bags then it include a unique & different color bag for bride & all other bags are in similar design (for bridesmaids) as into the above picture you can view a set of tote bags in which pink is for bride while all other black are for bridesmaids. Sometimes a complete similar set of bags is available for those who want to keep a secret “who is the bride”.

Personalized Tote Bags:

2 bride monogram green tote bag

It is tote bag that is available with the name tag of a bride or sometime only the first & last alphabet of the bride name is written on this bag. So, if you like it then you can think about this idea & buy a tote bag that has your name first alphabet such as “E” for “Elle or “S” for Soniya etc.

Heart Design Tote Bags:

3 bridemaids tote bag
Heart is a symbol of love so if you wedding is near then its means you are going to tie knot into a very lovely relationship. It is the relation of love. So, why don’t you think to buy a tote bag that has heart designing?

Colorful Tote Bags with Tag “Bride”:

4 colorful bride tag tote bags

Express to all people that you are going to become a bride soon by using a tote bag on which “bride” is written as you can view various colorful bags into the above picture.

Soon to be Mrs. Tote Bag:


5 soon to be mrs bride bag
It is another style to express that you are a future bride & soon going to tie knot into a strong relationship with your life partner.

Here Comes the Bride Tote Bag:

6 here comes the bride tag bag

Think about this tag & rock among your friends!

Sequins Lace Embellished Bag:

7 simple sequins lace embellished bag

This is a simple bag but embellished with sequins shimmer lace. No tag is written on it yet it is looking very beautiful & trendy!

Tote Bag with Wedding Date:


8 wedding date tote bag with tree design

Think about a tote bag that shows your wedding date. It is also a very unique & expressive idea. One bag is with wedding date plus first alphabets of bride & groom names. Other also includes tree design long with wedding date & full names of bride & groom.