0. 4 Rules for Accessorizing Your Wedding Dress

Wedding day is  a memorable day not for the groom and bride rather all the guests and relatives  who come in the wedding  because on this day two lovers are going to connect in a  relationship some people  do the love marriage and some   like to do arrange marriage  but in the both cases  wedding is a sacred relationship because no one can live  alone  everyone has needed  a life partner and the  male female in the case of  husband and wife are  proved good partner   for spending a good life.

Wedding day is   full of wishing for the groom and bride because whenever they saw the groom and bride they thought that this style of dress will be carried on my wedding. But you should keep this thing in your mind that your selection of dress should be unique and different from the others   because everyone has different personality .

many styles are inn in the bridal’s dresses long train, A-line, mermaid, fit and flare etc but there are some ways to accessorize these dresses on the wedding because some people carry the simple dresses and some likes to go with heavy embedded. So if your wedding is near then stay with us and see in which ways   you can accessories your dresses.

Best footwear:

no dress is complete without the  footwear because  we can’t move without the good  pair of shoes and when we are going to buy the dress for the wedding we should  buy a good  pair of footwear  which is comfort   in walking  and  never too much   because you have to walk too much and you have to come on the dance floor  so when you are  buying shoes first  wear in your feet  and walk  at least five minutes because   in the wedding ceremony if you feel  pain in your fee then all the charm  of wedding will be lost .if you are  tall then don’t go with too much high heel  and the short girl can carry high heel pumps and the sandal.  Try to go with the ankle and strap style strips shoes it is good to move in wedding for   more time that you should apply the foot cream or spray which will save your feet from the swelling.

Select the dark with the light:

If your dress is too much simple then you should select the bold   jewelry with your dress   as just like that   tiara, crown, necklace, bracelet, earrings, watches, anklet and the   brochette for making you simple dress   elegant and attractive. think about the long chandelier  earrings ,  bib necklace ,hanging pearl    necklace  and the royal necklace are great choice   to carry  with your  light dress   make such hair style which  can pick the  tiara and the   crown because your hair style can  change your overall look  so in your hair  use different  style crown ,head band and  pins for  an enchanting look. Fancy veils are also nice choice because these veils are very famous among the brides and they carry silk, chiffon and net and georgette veils with the fancy brooches.

Simple dressing:

I have seen many brides who have wore   much fancy dress on their wedding  but with this fancy and heavy outfit they  carry a lot of jewelry and the other accessory which  show  them  any  slaughter  goat and cow and goat  so if your dress is simple then   carry the  accessory  it is not bad thing but live in your limit    don’t do this too much   because it is best for you that you carry simple  dresses  on your  wedding because you look so decent and  attractive  in such dresses  although heavy embellished shoes  are well . But some brides have fond of carrying the jewelry then they can carry the drop earrings but necklace is statement and the fascinator should be selected by you.

Live in your budget:

Budget is much compulsory for everyone  because when we arrange a wedding then we  do an estimate  that  this price is  for  decoration ,and this for bridal  dress ,this for  jewelry etc   then we should  fulfill our all desires but  don’t cross the limits  .when you  go for buying the jewelry then you should see  he budget because all types of jewelry is available in the market  means  expensive, most expensive and the  cheap and   normal cost but you should not waste your time on the expensive shops because we  have to do shopping of all accessories in the budget  and  our budget  says go with the normal  price and  in the normal price  many outclass  and stunning accessories are available in the market.