Hindu wedding is all about traditions and customs with a lot of pre and post wedding functions with having various decorations themes but with same ideology. The main focus is on Mandap where the groom and bride have to walk around the fire of circle as they start a new life with full of zeal and love. So the more consideration is upon Mandap where mostly the red curtains are decorated at the four pole canopy. Next thing is flowers that a Hindu wedding decoration is incomplete without not only with one type but a lot of sorts and categories which add natural phenomena with different styles. Flowers symbolizes for beauty and nature so it must be added to your wedding theme for more beautification.
Different ornaments of weddings vary from region to region and the different traditional ways of every cast in Hinduism. Shamianas with variety of colors or with same theme are tucked at open place to spruce up the arrangements. Mainly the red curtains are selected by everyone for the auspiciousness and the color of life that brings happiness for couple in the entire life while black and gray colors are neglected for considering it nasty and wicked. Well the adornments of weddings are done also with beach themes where the same basic ideas are adopted to decorate the entire space but it is totally upon you if you want to take some changes with modernism.
I have collected some Hindu decorations for wedding that will further help you in selecting the best and suited theme for your wedding arrangement. Would you like to have a glance? Then move on to the pictures given below for giving you some ideas.

1.    Hindu Mandap traditional decoration with the garlands of flowers on roof

1. hindu wedding decorations with different things

2.    Indian arrangement of ornamenting stage with flowers bunches an curtains

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3.     Sensational decoration of wedding with flowers and the typical arrangement of Mandap

Hindu Weddings Weddings How To Decor Hindu Wedding Decorations

4.    Rue Hindu modern wedding decoration of tables with luxurious vases and flowers

4. hindu wedding decorations with different things

5.    Beautiful crystal chandeliers and piles of flowers arrangements for wedding

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6.    Traditional Mandap or canopy decoration in Hindu culture

6. hindu wedding decorations with different things

7.    Typical ‘Gharra’ around the Mandap and colorful floral decoration

7. hindu wedding decorations with different things

8.    Beach Hindu wedding decoration theme with simple red curtains and white table décor

8. hindu wedding decorations with different things

9.    Amazing autumn view with gold shimmer trees put on Mandap

9. hindu wedding decorations with different things

10.    Luxurious and royal Indian wedding reception decoration idea with Flowy curtains and floating candle vases

10. hindu wedding decorations with different things