This is a long unique bridal veil and every bridal is beautiful on their special day there you should take care about every essential thing those you wear on that day; veil is one of them for the beauty of bridal. This veil is covering the bridal front to the back. Edge is embroidered with the cut work machine throughout the veil. Bridal look in this like a fairy.


Simplicity and a contemporary look with yet a touch of tradition. This embroidered veil can be worn on any hair style. Long veil add just the right touch for all beautiful ladies. Embroidered with the white silk thread.


Wondrous long wedding veil is astonished with the shiny stones labeling on the area of head that is worn by bridal. This fluffy long bridal veil is look like a crown or tiara is attached on this. The stones are sparkled on this veil and have its own charm and quality due to this uniqueness.


Sweet and prettiest bridal veil cut work fanciful embroidered edge of this veil with the silk thread, elbow length give this wave to stylish look. In this veil bridal have an eccentric look. Fantastic headdress for any bridal.