Importance of Wedding Theme:

This is the age of fashion, then how it is possible for bridal & groom to arrange a marriage ceremony without a proper wedding theme. So, you should always try to choose a reasonable & suitable wedding theme by staying in your budget.

About Shabby Wedding Theme:

Here I am going to wrap up the shabby wedding theme. The word shabby means scruffy & ragged. It shows that shabby wedding is a wedding ceremony in which old, antique, messy & untidy patterns are followed. Shabby basically refers a thing or item those have a poor condition or look due to long usage. In simple word a vintage style of wedding is called shabby wedding.

Chic Ideas on Shabby Wedding:

If you are planning about your wedding then I suggest you to go with shabby wedding theme. This theme is now become one of the very popular wedding themes. So, here you get the ideas:

1)    First of all choose a perfect place, especially an open area is most preferable than a close one.
2)    Now try to select vintage style of furniture I mean chairs & table.
3)    Vintage styles of flower bouquets are perfect for shabby wedding theme.
4)    When it comes to dress selection then light peach, light brown & ivory colors are perfect for you dear brides.
5)    Cake is one of the very important items for celebrating a wedding event. So, be careful in the cake selection because you need a cake that is decorated in such a way that it looks vintage & shabby.
6)    Crockery, used for wedding refreshment, of some old design is preferable.
7)    In decoration process keep in mind that votive candles, flowers, wooden decoration pieces & lots of classic items can be used.
8)    Wedding invitation is the first item that tells your friends & relative about your wedding theme because invitation is also selected according to the theme.
9)    In short all things in a wedding are selected according to the wedding theme such as jewelry, make-over, footwear, dresses, cakes, gifts, table decoration etc.

Get Assistance from the Photos:

For further comprehensive ideas on shabby wedding theme you can check out the following picture gallery because these images give you very inclusive & exclusive ideas. Take a look!

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