This heart touching crystal sash in brooch chic is extremely fascinating and charming looking. Blue ribbon is so adeptly settled on above and under the crystal sash this bridal crystal sash accolades the blue silk ribbon. Crystal stones are jeweled in round pattern that is over lapping the waist of pure white gown and is providing the bridal revered guise.
Second Vintage crystal gown belt is spreading its luminance all around and is rich its style and prototype. Gown belt is papering the waist of gown with closely linked lines of stones and on front part we can see heavily embossed a nice brooch carrying petals shape and long and slender vintage stones on it. Glorious and resplendent it is for modish ladies.

Champagne bridal sash is stylish and naïve at a same time. Simple in sense of no too much embellishment and stylish because the chic of this gown belt is hottest. Minute floral patterns of stones are arranged in lines on upper and lower sides and middle section has dusty pink pearls. Both bridal and gown would glow in this vintage crystal sash.
Crystal rhinestone and silk sash is exclusive in its design and fashi0onble disposition. Rhinestone in oval chic and a crystal stone inside it is fabulous and dazzling. Silk ribbon is an increment in its beauty and bridal be clad in this belt will out class every fashion accessory.